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Vectis Auctions is the largest specialist toy auctioneer in the world. Established in 1988, it has two locations in the UK and serves customers and collectors in over 60 countries around the world. Vectis conducts more than 50 auctions a year, and in 2014, hosted 60 live online auctions as a platinum auction house on

Vectis Auctions often achieves record-breaking prices for toys, such as the recent sale of a set of pre-war model delivery vans, manufactured by Dinky Toys, for £34,000. They have also conducted the sale of other types of collectibles and memorabilia, including iconic pop culture items, such as the Monty Python foot for £16,800, a set of late-1990s Star Wars figures for £10,000, and a rare collectible Star Wars medical droid for £7,000.

This is a specialised auction house, dealing primarily in collectable toys, particularly rare and antique toys and collectibles. Sale categories include: model trains, dolls, diecast, board games and comics. Collectors often seek out Vectis for especially rare and desirable brands such as Corgi, Matchbox, Steiff, Star Wars, and Marklin.

Vectis conducts around five auctions per month with 700 lots per auction day, and has sold more than £75,000,000 worth of toys since 1997. The auction house has 33 staff members, including eight dedicated toy specialists with an extensive knowledge of toys.

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443: Matchbox No.39a Ford Zodiac Convertible
Matchbox Regular Wheels - No.39a Ford Zodiac Convertible - pale salmon pink body, sea green base and interior, tan driver, mask sprayed grille, mask sprayed rear silver trim, hand applied red tail-lights, small grey plastic wheels, crimped axles - Near Mint in generally Near Mint type B Moko box with model details to end flaps. Vectis Auctions Ltd
1814: A Large Mixed Group of Unboxed Diecast
Corgi, Dinky, Matchbox, a large mixed group of unboxed diecast. To include Corgi Toys Ford Consul Classic, Dinky Toys Spitfire Mk.2 (paintwork has been stripped), Dinky Toys Leopard Recovery Tank (repainted), Matchbox Regular Wheel Cars and Commercials, Matchbox Superfast plus many others - conditions are generally Poor to Excellent. (lg. qty) Vectis Auctions Ltd
2124: Penelope (Swiss) Vintage Wooden Jigsaws
15 x Penelope (Swiss), vintage wooden Jigsaws, including (1) Marc: Le chant du ruisseau 23.5"/60cm x 12"/30cm; (2) Amaryllis, 23.5"/60cm x 12"/30cm; (3) Tanger, 23.5"/60cm x 12"/30cm; (4) Matterhorn, 10"/25cm x 14.5"/37cm; (5) Steigende Flut, 22.5"/57cm x 18"/46cm; (6) Van Gogh, La Mer, 20"/52cm x 16"/40cm; (7) Plaisir de gamin, 20"/51cm x 16"/41cm; (8) Bei Bad Ragaz, 19"/49cm x 14.5"/37cm; (9) Awaiting the Tide, 19"/49cm x 14.5"/37cm; (10) Sunny Mediterranean, 19"/49cm x 14"/36cm; (11) Café in Corsica, 19"/49cm x 14.5"/37cm; (12) & (13) two other Penelope jigsaws - unidentified, one depicts wagons and horses, driven through mountainous scenery 22.5"/57cm x 18"/45cm; other is reproduction of old master painting - girl and boy feeding chickens, 22"/50cm x 17"/43cm; (14) The Blenheim, 15"/39cm x 11"/28cm; (15) Grandmothers Garden, 15"/39cm x 11"/28cm; plus other assorted. (qty) Vectis Auctions Ltd
3562: EFE - OO scale AEC Lorries
EFE OO scale AEC Lorries - to include Startrite and British Road Services Vans, McCreadies Lorries, London Brick Company and Portland Stone Trucks and others, much duplication - Near Mint to Mint including window boxes. (24) Vectis Auctions Ltd
2034: Brooklin/Lansdowne LDM37 Triumph 2000 Roadster
Brooklin (Lansdowne) No.LDM37 Triumph 2000 Roadster (1949) - maroon, deep red seats, chrome and silver trim and No.LDM36 Morris Minor (1952) - grey, red interior, silver and chrome trim - both are Mint in Near Mint to Mint boxes. (2) Vectis Auctions Ltd
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