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The owners of Kedem Auction House have been dealing in antique Jewish books and manuscripts for many years, and have long been interested in items related to the history and culture of the Jewish people. Kedem Auction House conducts public auctions of religious books (Sifrei Kodesh), manuscripts and rabbinical letters, in addition to sales of other historical items related to Jewish history, culture and art, and the history of Palestine and the Holy Lands. Their specialists have particular expertise in religious books (Sifrei Kodesh) and modern Jewish culture.

Besides books and manuscripts, Kedem Auction House also handles a wide range of paper items, including letters, photographs, works of graphic art and posters. They also include objects and artefacts related to these specialty fields in their sales, such as Hannuka lamps, Kiddush cups, Chala covers, and a variety of other domestic objects relating to Jewish culture, as well as Palestinian objects such as Bezalel works, olive wood items, and local ceramics.

The owners selected the name Kedem for the auction house, as the word implies both a reference to past times as well as a sense of progress and moving forward. Kedem Auction House prides itself on its professionalism and the quality and value of the items it offers for sale.

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Eight Publications of the "Soncino" Company - Germany, 1926-1932
1. Psalm 92, 1932. Black and red print. Printed in 700 copies. 2. Sefer Meshalim, [1925]. Facsimile of the Frankfurt am Main 1697 edition, which included woodcuts. 3. Die Fabeln des Kuhbuches, in Übertragung, 1926. German translation of the "Sefer Meshalim" (previous item). 4. Die Juden, Ein Lustspiel in einem Aufzuge, Gotthold Ephraim Lessing, 1929. Printed in 600 copies. 5. Die Juden, Ein Lustspiel in einem Aufzuge, Gotthold Ephraim Lessing. Additional copy, out of an edition of 200 copies printed manually for the society members. 6. Ignaz Goldziher, Ein Wort des Gedenkens von Heinrich Loewe, 1929. 7. Die Aufrichtung Der Menorah, Enwurf einer Pantomime, Arnold Zweig, 1930. Printed in 250 copies.8. In Memoriam Aaron Ember, Heinrich Loewe, 1926.No publisher indicated. Enclosed is a single page issued by the Soncino Company, from 1926, announcing the sale of Raphael Frank's book on Hebrew typefaces, published by Berthold, to society members.Size and condition vary. Kedem Public Auction House Ltd
Letter from the Kabbalist Rabbi Shlomo Elyashov
Letter (16 lines) handwritten and signed by the kabbalist R. Shlomo Elyashov, author of Leshem Shevo V'Achlama. Shavel (?iauliai, Lithuania), Elul 1891. Sent via Kovno (Kaunas), to be passed on to his friend and relative R. Shraga Meir Leizerowitz of ?agar?. The letter opens with warm wishes for the new year: "He Who gives life should decree years of life and Ketiva VeChatima Tova for my friend and relative? the outstanding and pious R. Shraga Meir Feivish Leizerowitz". R. Shlomo Elyashov advises R. Shraga Meir to act upon the advice of R. Leib Chassid of Kelm on a certain matter, and be cautious lest R. Natan Tzvi of Slabodka know about it: "Concerning what the Chassid R. Leib told him, his advice is very correct. But take care not to inform Natan Tzvi of Slabo--- about it?" (we do not know which topic is being discussed, nor whether the Natan Tzvi mentioned refers to R. Natan Tzvi Finkel, the Saba of Slabodka. It may pertain to R. Shraga Meir's plans of travelling to London). The holy Torah scholar, R. Shlomo Elyashov (1841-1926), a leading Kabbalist in Lithuania ? "the G-dly Kabbalist, master of secrets, unique in his generation?" (as his disciple R. Aryeh Levin described him on the title page of the biography he wrote about him), lived in Shavel (?iauliai, Lithuania). R. Shlomo became renowned at a young age for his proficiency in Kabbalah, and he arranged for printing most of the writings of the Gaon of Vilna on Kabbalah. His notes on Etz Chaim were printed in the Warsaw 1891 edition under the title Hagahot HaRav SheVaCh (Shlomo ben Chaikel). His series of books on Kabbalah named Leshem Shevo V'Achlama were published from 1909-1948, and are considered fundamental works for the study of Kabbalah. His books and writings were composed amidst much holiness and purity (he reputedly also used Hashbaat HaKulmus). He entertained a close relationship with the Chafetz Chaim, who visited him several times in Shavel and Homel (the Chafetz Chaim once spent a Shabbat with him in Shavel, and on that occasion, the women of the family ate the meals in a different room. See the letter of R. Tzvi Hirsh Ferber, Yeshurun, 5, p. 663, 6). The Chafetz Chaim urged his disciple R. Eliyahu Dushnitzer to go visit the Leshem, famously saying that in this world one may still merit to see him, while in the Next World, his place will be in the highest spheres, and we will be far from him. The recipient of the letter, R. Shraga Meir Leizerowitz (1840-1929), was a native of Kelm. He was a pious person and a Kabbalist, close to R. Leibly Chassid of Kelm, to the foremost Kabbalists of Lithuania (the Leshem, R. Aryeh Leib Lipkin of Kretinga, R. Aharon Shlomo Maharil, R. Yitzchak Meltzan and others) and to the leading disciples of R. Yisrael of Salant. After his marriage, he lived in ?agar?, and honored R. Chaim Chaikel Elyashov (father of the Leshem) to be the Sandak at the circumcision of his son. R. Shraga Meir arrived in England in the early 1890s, where he served for many years a rabbi of Chevrat Shas. In his later years he immigrated to Jerusalem. Postcard. 14 cm. Good condition. Light stains. Postmarks from ?iauliai. Kedem Public Auction House Ltd
Collection of Caricatures - Adar Darian - "Davar" Newspaper
Nineteen original caricatures by Adar Darian. Drawn for "Davar" newspaper [late 1960s - early 1970s]. Ink on paper. Most caricatures are of political nature and concern Israel's foreign affairs. The caricatures portray, amongst others, Sadat, William Rogers (American secretary of State who suggested three peace plans between Israel, Egypt and Jordan) and Gunnar Jarring, (Swedish diplomat who was appointed by the UN as negotiator in the Middle East conflict). Printing specifications appear on all of the caricatures along with the "Davar" newspaper ink stamp. Enclosed are four caricatures by another artist. Adar Darien, caricaturist and graphic designer was born in Bucharest, Romania, in 1931. At the age of 16 he started to draw caricatures which were published in various Romanian papers. Immigrated to Israel in 1964 and since then published caricatures in numerous papers amongst them, "Davar", "HaAretz Shelanu", "HaOlam Haze" and "Ma'ariv". He continued to publish caricatures in Romanian papers. For 22 years was the graphic editor of "Ma'ariv LaNoar", published four books and designed tenths of book covers. 19 caricatures + 4 caricatures by another caricaturist. Average size: 36X25 cm. Good condition. Kedem Public Auction House Ltd
1927 1 Mil - Holyland Souvenir Token - Type II
1 Mil, 1927 - Holyland Souvenir Token. Type II.XF. Kedem Public Auction House Ltd
Set of Chumashim - Torat Emet - Amsterdam, 1827
Torat Emet, Tikun Sofrim, Chamisha Chumshei Tora, includes Rashi's commentary, Haftarot, prayers and poems. Amsterdam, [1827].Five volume set. Proofread and accurate edition based on earlier Torah scrolls and chumashim.Double title-pages in all volumes. First title-page contains illustrated copper engraving. Bamidbar contains a printed (detached) leaf from the publisher of the Chumashim "I am filled with praise to the Almighty for having completed the publication of Sefer Torat Emet... Amsterdam... 1828...". This leaf is bibliography unknown.Varying pagination [Bamidbar contains an additional 6 leaf pamphlet, listing those who signed on the Chumahsim. Leaves unlisted in Bibliography Institute], 18-20 cm. General condition good, stained. Margins of Bamidbar uncut in print. Two volumes are without binding, two have antique leather bindings, [one imprinted with name of owner], and one volumes is simply bound. Kedem Public Auction House Ltd
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