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The owners of Kedem Auction House have been dealing in antique Jewish books and manuscripts for many years, and have long been interested in items related to the history and culture of the Jewish people. Kedem Auction House conducts public auctions of religious books (Sifrei Kodesh), manuscripts and rabbinical letters, in addition to sales of other historical items related to Jewish history, culture and art, and the history of Palestine and the Holy Lands. Their specialists have particular expertise in religious books (Sifrei Kodesh) and modern Jewish culture.

Besides books and manuscripts, Kedem Auction House also handles a wide range of paper items, including letters, photographs, works of graphic art and posters. They also include objects and artefacts related to these specialty fields in their sales, such as Hannuka lamps, Kiddush cups, Chala covers, and a variety of other domestic objects relating to Jewish culture, as well as Palestinian objects such as Bezalel works, olive wood items, and local ceramics.

The owners selected the name Kedem for the auction house, as the word implies both a reference to past times as well as a sense of progress and moving forward. Kedem Auction House prides itself on its professionalism and the quality and value of the items it offers for sale.

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Three Issues ? Zionism, Industry and Trade in Palestine ? London, 1933-1936
Three issues of economic periodicals dedicated mostly to industry and trade in Palestine; including photographs of various sites and plants, maps of Palestine and numerous advertisements: 1. The Financial News: Palestine. [London], February 1933. English, some Hebrew and Arabic. Survey of the Jewish Agency's operations, growing citrus, the resources in the country, electricity production using the Jordan River water, and more. 36 pp, 45 cm. Good condition. Horizontal folding mark, slight tears and damages. Stains, creases and slight tears to cover. Restores tears to cover (margins and spine) and to a number of leaves. 2. The Manchester Guardian Commercial: Palestine. [Manchester], December, 1933. English. Essays about trade and economy, public health, production of electricity using the Jordan River water, and more. 44 pp, 43.5 cm. Good condition. Horizontal folding line. Stains. Small tears. Damages and tears to cover. 3. The Manchester Guardian Commercial: Palestine. [Manchester], July 1936. English. Survey of the agriculture, water system, railways, and more. 32 pp, 43.5 cm. Good-fair condition. Horizontal folding line. Stain and dampstains. Small tears. Tears and dark stains to cover. Kedem Public Auction House Ltd
Pesach Haggadah - Illustrations by Nachum Gutman
Pesach Haggadah, illustrated for children by Nachum Gutman. Yavneh publishing, Tel-Aviv, [c. 1945].Traditional Haggadah, illustrations by Gutman on a red and blue background. Many words printed in red ink.28, [2] Pages, 25X23 cm. Good condition, loose spine, few stains.Ya'ari 2658, Otzar Ha-Haggadot 3989. Kedem Public Auction House Ltd
Two Game Boards - Binyamin Barlevy
1. "Milhamtenu" [Our War] game board - illustrated map with a drawing of a soldier. Aviva lithographic press. [1950s]. 24.5X68.5 cm.2. Game Board with a map of Israel, from Metula to Eilat, [1950s?]. 18X67 cm. Good overall condition. Folding marks and creases. Small perforations. Kedem Public Auction House Ltd
Pinchas Litvinovsky - David Ben-Gurion
Pinchas Litvinovsky (1894-1985), Portrait of David Ben-Gurion. Gouache colors on Bristol board. Signature at the bottom in pencil. 64x97 cm. Good condition. Moisture damage, repaired tears, stains. Kedem Public Auction House Ltd
Henryk Berlewi - Signed Print - Uriel Acosta
Uriel Acosta, print created by the artist Henryk Berlewi. Signed in the plate; signed and dated in pencil 1920. Uriel Acosta (1585-1640) - Jewish Portuguese philosopher, son of a family of Marranos. Following his attempts to re-define Judaism, he was punished and excommunicated by the Jewish congregation in Amsterdam and finally, after enduring years of ostracism and sufferance he committed suicide. This print also appears on a book cover, published in Warsaw in 1921 by "kultur lige" (adaptation by Karl Gutzkow to Acosta's life story). 17X13.5 cm. Frame: 47.5X39.5 cm. Good condition. Not examined out of frame. Kedem Public Auction House Ltd
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