Henry's Auktionshaus

Henry's Auktionshaus is a German auction house located in Mutterstadt, Germany.

At Henry's Auktionshaus auctions, customers can find a wide range of items including jewellery, watches, silver, vehicles, furniture, oriental carpets and more. Bids can either be placed at their salesrooms, over telephone or online.

Henry's Auktionshaus distribute an online newsletter where customers can read about current events in their business and upcoming auctions.

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14 kt gold ring with rubies and brilliants
14 kt gold ring with rubies and brilliants ,YG 585/000, 4 brilliants total approx. 0.16 ct(engraved) Wesselton/si, 8 round bevelled rubies total approx. 1.20 ct, ringsize 54, approx. 6.95 g Henry's Auktionshaus
Comtoise with pomp pendulum, France, in 1880
Comtoise with pomp pendulum, France, in 1880, oval floral embossed brass border with the associated pomp pendulum, Border marked: 'La rose, CP (Claude Paget), oval et octagons 9 & 10 Quadrilles a perles fabrication francaise' pendulum bottom also marked (unreadable), enamel dial (hair cracks), with retailers signature, Mass. Hook transition, running period about 1 week, half hour strike with repetition on bell, with wall bracket, H.ca. 49cm, total height 140cm, condition of work 2-3 / housing 3-4 Henry's Auktionshaus
14 kt gold earrings with brilliants
Pair of earrings with brilliants, YG 585/000, 2 brilliants total approx. 0.45 ct Wesselton- Crystal/si-p1 Henry's Auktionshaus
Djozan, Persia, circa 40 years old, wool/cotton, approx. 153 x 105 cm, condition: 3.*********************************** ***.(rugs and carpets, Please ask for more detail pictures and condition reports. 229 lots with caucasian, persian, turkey, anatolian, turkmenistan, kirgiz, uzbekistan, chinese, indian, tapestrys, flatweave, kilims,vintage, designer, modern, old, traditional, embroiderys, bags, big/large size rugs, silk rugs, antique, semi, tribal, nomad, classic, decorative, pictorial, tribal, nomad-village rugs, oriental, authentic, art - deco, handmade,fine quality, textiles and more.....Henrys Auktionshaus in Mutterstadt (Germany) rug and carpet section. Henry's Auktionshaus
Silver Set, TIFFANY & Co., America ca. 1940
Set, TIFFANY & Co., America approx. 1940, silver 925, comprised of: ash tray and 3 bowls, ash tray structured, total approx. 360 g, approx. 8 x 9 cm Henry's Auktionshaus
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Henry's Auktionshaus
An der Fohlenweide 12-14
D-67112 Mutterstadt
Tel: 06234/8011-0
Fax: 06234/8011-900
E-Mail: Henrys@henrys.de