Henry's Auktionshaus

Henry's Auktionshaus is a German auction house located in Mutterstadt, Germany.

At Henry's Auktionshaus auctions, customers can find a wide range of items including jewellery, watches, silver, vehicles, furniture, oriental carpets and more. Bids can either be placed at their salesrooms, over telephone or online.

Henry's Auktionshaus distribute an online newsletter where customers can read about current events in their business and upcoming auctions.

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Heiko Herrmann, Sculpture
Heiko Herrmann, born in 1953 in Schrobenhausen, wall relief / high embossment,unique, red glazed, battling shapes, anthropogenic and geometrical in gold cut, embossed sculptured conceived, orange red glaze interpreting for violence, used, Unique,signed, 40 x 39 X 17 cm Henry's Auktionshaus
Gold coin, 20 Mark, Germany, 1873, Johann by the grace
Gold coin, 20 Mark, Germany, 1873, Johann by the grace of God king of Saxony, impressed mark E Henry's Auktionshaus
Paul Kusche, 1882-1952 Karlsruhe, Studies at the
Paul Kusche, 1882-1952 Karlsruhe, Studies at the academy Karlsruhe, brother of the famous ceramist Alfred Kusche, here: 2 Still life with flowers, oil / painting cardboard, both signed, Sunflowers approx. 86x66cm / 96x76cm, summer flowers, approx. 60x50cm / 70x60cm, both frame Henry's Auktionshaus
cartel clock with 2 associated sconces, Sweden
cartel clock with 2 associated sconces, Sweden, 2.H.20th c, carved and gilded wood housing, glass lid, metal dial, brass plate movement, half an hour Strike on bell, Electrical of sconces unaudited, H. approx 51cm, condition of work 3, housing 2-3 Henry's Auktionshaus
Porcelain group, Meissen, 1860-70
Porcelain group, Meissen, 1860-70, Apple Tree with three figures, brightly painted, H. 24cm,slightly worn on the leaves and small applications, easily restored on the tree, butthe foliage is almost completely absent, 2nd choice, model , D. 94 cm, Michel Victor Acier design Henry's Auktionshaus
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Henry's Auktionshaus
An der Fohlenweide 12-14
D-67112 Mutterstadt
Tel: 06234/8011-0
Fax: 06234/8011-900
E-Mail: Henrys@henrys.de