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Elegance Auctioneers is a specialist auction house in California, dealing in Asian art and antiques. They hold monthly sales of antiques and art objects from Asia, including a wide range fine porcelain, painting scrolls, and decorative objects.

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A Chinese Antique Turquoise Carved Figure Group
綠鬆石童子仙女組件 A Chinese Antique Turquoise Carved Beauty: finely carved from the turquoise of natural blue color as a celestial beauty carrying a big lotus branch with a kid standing beside while standing on top of cresting waves with a fish jumping above, presented on a wood stand, of Late QING Dynasty Elegance Auctioneers
A Big Chinese Antique Brass Bowl
A Big Chinese Antique Brass Bowl: of circular form with a deep interior, of late Qing Dynasty Elegance Auctioneers
A Chinese Antique Bronze Jue Cup
standing on three legs, and extending upwards in a cylindrical shape before splitting off into both sides Elegance Auctioneers
A Chinese Antique Bamboo Carved Lidded Brush Pot
A Chinese Antique Reticulated Bamboo Brush Pot: the brush pot is delicately carved and pierced with panels scene depicting a literati gathering in a wooded landscape, below gnarled pine trees and bamboo, of 18TH Century Elegance Auctioneers
Three (3) Chinese Mixed Items
Three (3) Chinese Mixed Items: comprised of bonsai, wood carving, and embroidery Elegance Auctioneers
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Elegance Auctioneers
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