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Since their establishment in 1976, Heritage Auctions have developed their business into being the world's third largest auction house. With a major development of the functions of their website, Heritage Auctions online services have become leading in their field of business. For instance, Heritage Auctions offer an online service called Heritage Live, where real-time auctions allow customers to participate regardless of where in the world they might be. It is often possible to place a bid before the live auction.

Heritage Auctions have a wide range of departments for their big number of lots. For instance, you can find movie posters, coins, wine, comics and much more, and of course art and antiques.

Hertiage has a huge customer base with over 860 000 members. With a staff containing more than 100 experts and 300 professionals, Heritage Auctions always benefit the customer, helping them complement their collections. Heritage Auctions are well aware of their social responsibility and are continuously arranging charity and fundraising auctions, collecting money for necessary purposes.

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Objects "Heritage Auctions"

Blackmail (Sono Art-World Wide Pictures, 1929)

Window Card (14" X 22"). Considered by most to be the first British talkie, this picture has taken on historic status not just for its part in the movieland technological revolution, but for the man who directed the affair. Soon to become one of the most celebrated auteurs of both Hollywood and Great Britain, Alfred Hitchcock took on his tenth project as a silent production, but was soon informed by the studio that they wished to cash in on the new talkie craze from across the pond. Originally only given permission for a silent feature with a few sound scenes, the ever-ambitious Hitchcock instead recorded the entire picture in sound, all the while producing a silent version for theaters not on the cutting edge of technology. His endeavor proved to be a critical and commercial success, especially as Hitchcock's first foray into spoken dialogue avoided the pitfalls of awkward pacing so common in early talkies. All these factors combined to create a legend in the annals of filmmaking. But, with poster collectors, the scarcity of material from this film's first release is even more legendary. Such is the case for this exceptionally rare window card, which has been so skillfully conserved that it shows practically no signs of any of its previous flaws. One of only a few pieces we have ever presented for the film, this Heritage first once had edge wear and moderate tears. Also addressed was paper loss along the right side of the card, extending into the second "A" of the title, orange background, and through the text in the upper right. Additionally, the card had paper loss at the top from the upper edge to just above "Scotland Yard," slightly below Anny Ondra's bangs, and above "Studios Elstree London." These issues have been completely repaired and are no longer visible due to excellent corrections, as well as airbrushing to the borders, background, and parts of the image. Good- on Cardstock.HID07601242017Read more

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Realised prices "Heritage Auctions "

[ U.S. Coins ] $20 67 PCGS 99142 1908 No Motto, Wells Fargo Nevada
[ U.S. Coins ] $20 67 PCGS 99142 1908 No Motto, Wells Fargo Nevada 1908 $20 No Motto, Wells Fargo MS67 PCGS. Depending on the figures one uses, the Wells Fargo Hoard consisted of between $300,000 and $400,000 face value in double eagles, a staggering sum for 1917, the year in which the coins were hidden away. This piece has pretty luster and solidly struck central devices. A few minuscule copper spots appear in the left obverse field, which has pleasing gold-orange color From The Hamburg-Sonoma Collection. Heritage Auctions
[ National Bank Notes ] 120 5701 659000 Point Pleasant, WV - $20 1902
[ National Bank Notes ] 120 5701 659000 Point Pleasant, WV - $20 1902 Plain Back Fr. 659 The Point Pleasant NB Ch. # (S)5701 A well circulated but intact example from the Midwest Cash Hoard. Just six large and six small notes are reported from here in the Kelly census. Very Good. Heritage Auctions
[ U.S. Coins ] MS 67 NGC 9346 1936 S 50C Oregon 1936-S 50C Oregon
[ U.S. Coins ] MS 67 NGC 9346 1936 S 50C Oregon 1936-S 50C Oregon MS67 NGC. The striking details on this masterfully preserved Superb Gem are even more complete than usual, and the luxurious iridescent toning, based upon a foundation of lovely golden-brown color, yields to bright-green, russet, and crimson highlights near the borders of each side. A small milling mark, on the ox's side, is the only notable distraction. Population: 105 in 67, 4 finer (11/03). Heritage Auctions
[ Coins ] MS 65 1934 5C MS65 PCGS.
[ Coins ] MS 65 1934 5C MS65 PCGS. Heritage Auctions
Confederate and Union Cartes-de-Visite.
Confederate and Union Cartes-de-Visite. CDV of George P. Betts of New Orleans (enlisted as sergeant, served in Company F of the Louisiana Crescent Militia Infantry) with Ben Oppenheimer of Mobile back mark. A fine image of Betts wearing a frock coat (minor ink highlighting on beard and collar). The other images shows three seated Union soldiers, posed identically with hands across their chests and kepis resting on their laps. The letter "D" appears on the top of each kepi. A rather odd image, to be sure. R. S. Jacoby of Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania back mark. Heritage Auctions

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