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Located in Munich, Hermann Historica is one of the leading auction houses worldwide specializing in sales of objects under the categories firearms, antiquities, historical objects, military objects, and much more.

Court Erich Klenau von Klenova, Baron of Janowitz founded the company for over 50 years ago. Hermann Historica quickly became well-known among international collectors and museums. The company was then named Graf Klenau. In the beginning of the 1970's, Wolfgang Hermann joined the company. Graf Klenau started to increase their developement as a company, expanding their client base and producing carefully researched special catalogues, which led to the companys growing relevance in the international auction market. Wolfgang Hermann and Ernst-Ludwig Wagner jointly took over the company in 1982, re-named it “Hermann Historica oHG” and had a decisive influence on the development of the ever expanding business. In subsequent years Franz Hermann and Thomas Rief also became partners and cemented the dynamic leadership of the company which exists today.

Hermann Auctions currently have 50 staff members and over 40 000 clients. Auctions are held twice per year, offering around 10 000 lots per auction. Customers can continuously participate in their online-based live auctions.

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Beautiful and rare treasures at Hermann Historica's 75th auction
In their 75th auction Hermann Historica will take you through the ages: from antiquity to the Middle Ages, discover some of the most important pieces of historical militaria to hit the auction market this year.
Hermann Historica's 74th auction
This year's spring sale at Hermann Historica will run from 24th April to 6th May in Munich with 6 000 pieces including antiquities, ancient weapons, hunting pieces as well as important historical military pieces.
Ancient weapons, hunting equipment and militaria
The autumn sale at Hermann Historica, which is the 71st sale to be held at the Munich auction house, includes objects from the ancient world and the Middle Ages, with pieces from the royal courts of Europe.

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Vierlufiges Steinschlossterzerol
Vierlufiges Steinschlossterzerol,\n\nLttich(?) um 1800. Vier Lufe im Kaliber 10 mm. Steinschloss mit drehbarer Pfanne aus Messing und sparsam graviertem Schlosskasten, verstellbare Batteriefedern und Hahnsicherung. Nussholzgriff mit Fischhaut und Silbereinlagen, links alte Reparatur. Metalloberflchen berarbeitet und stellenweise leicht narbig, Gebrauchsspuren. Lnge 22,5 cm. \n\nCondition: II-\nLimit: 1250 EURO\n\n 1900 EURO Hermann Historica
Repetierbchse Zbrojovka Brno CZ, (ZKK 600) mit ZF
Repetierbchse Zbrojovka Brno CZ, (ZKK 600) mit ZF,\n\nKal.30-06, Nr. 71524 22065. Spiegelblanker Lauf, Lnge 60 cm. Beschuss 1971. Klappkimme. Seitliche Sicherung. Vollstndige originale Brnierung, Hlse mattiert. Monte Carlo-Schaft aus Nussbaumholz mit Backe, Pistolengriff, Fischhaut und beiden Riemenbgeln. Montiert ein ZF 4/N Jena, Absehen 1, technisch und optisch in Ordnung. Minimale Lagerspuren, ansonsten neue Erhaltung. Lnge 108 cm.\nErwerbsscheinpflichtig. \n\nCondition: I\nLimit: 250 EURO\n\n 380 EURO Hermann Historica
Dreyse Mod. 1908
Dreyse Mod. 1908,\n\n2. Ausfhrung, Kal. 6,35 mm, Nr. 5937. Nummerngleich. Guter Lauf. Sechsschssig. Beschuss Krone/"N". Frhe Sicherungsvariante. Als einzige Beschriftung "DREYSE" links am Schlitten. Originale Brnierung mit Tragespuren. Schwarze Horngriffschalen. Magazin. Sehr gute Erhaltung.\nErwerbsscheinpflichtig. \n\nCondition: I-II\nLimit: 150 EURO\n\n 150 EURO Hermann Historica
A boy's wheellock rifle
A boy's wheellock rifle,\n\nCieszyn, circa 1650. Slender, octagonal barrel, slightly constricted in the middle, with eight-groove rifled bore in 10.5 mm calibre. The barrel top with engraved leave and tendril decoration. The dovetailed rear sight missing. The lock with an external wheel, the lockplate engraved with leaping dogs. Walnut stock with rich, engraved inlays made from bone and mother-of-pearl. Numerous persons, animals and mythical creatures amid flowers and tendrils. Some scattered, minor defects. A decorative band at the end of the butt missing, a larger defect on the right side of the forestock. The iron trigger guard is incomplete, the bottom shows the engraved number "73". Wooden ramrod with iron tip. Length 67 cm.\nThis pristine wheellock rifle of highest quality is easily improvable by restoration.\n\nCondition: II-III\nLimit: 9000 EURO\n\n 11000 EURO Hermann Historica
Doppellufiges Perkussions-Terzerol
Doppellufiges Perkussions-Terzerol,\n\nLttich um 1850, Kal. 11 mm, Nr. 891. Runde, vierfach gezogene, abschraubbare Nockenlufe aus Rosendamast, Lnge 76 mm. Gesamtlnge 200 mm. Zwischen den Pistonsockeln ELG-Beschuss. Ringabzug. Rahmen mit hinterem Griffband fein graviert. Ebenholzgriffschale, rechts oben mit Haarriss.\nErwerbsscheinpflichtig. \n\nCondition: II+\nLimit: 350 EURO\n\n 580 EURO Hermann Historica
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