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Located in Munich, Hermann Historica is one of the leading auction houses worldwide specializing in sales of objects under the categories firearms, antiquities, historical objects, military objects, and much more.

Court Erich Klenau von Klenova, Baron of Janowitz founded the company for over 50 years ago. Hermann Historica quickly became well-known among international collectors and museums. The company was then named Graf Klenau. In the beginning of the 1970's, Wolfgang Hermann joined the company. Graf Klenau started to increase their developement as a company, expanding their client base and producing carefully researched special catalogues, which led to the companys growing relevance in the international auction market. Wolfgang Hermann and Ernst-Ludwig Wagner jointly took over the company in 1982, re-named it “Hermann Historica oHG” and had a decisive influence on the development of the ever expanding business. In subsequent years Franz Hermann and Thomas Rief also became partners and cemented the dynamic leadership of the company which exists today.

Hermann Auctions currently have 50 staff members and over 40 000 clients. Auctions are held twice per year, offering around 10 000 lots per auction. Customers can continuously participate in their online-based live auctions.

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Ancient weapons, hunting equipment and militaria
The autumn sale at Hermann Historica, which is the 71st sale to be held at the Munich auction house, includes objects from the ancient world and the Middle Ages, with pieces from the royal courts of Europe.

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Zwlf eiserne Kugeln
deutsch, 15. - 18. Jhdt. Eisen. Unterschiedlich groe Kugeln, dabei acht sptgotische, schmiedeeiserne Exemplare. Teils gereinigte Bodenfunde. Durchmesser 1,8 bis 8,3 cm. Hermann Historica
T. Klawitter in Herzberg um 1845. Lufe aus Wickeldamast mit glatten Seelen im Kaliber 17 mm. Auf der Mittelschiene silbertauschierte Signatur "T. Klawitter K.H.H.R. Mstr. in Herzberg". Gravierte, rckliegende Schlossplatten mit silbertauschierten Wilddarstellungen, Hhne mit Pistonschonern. Halbschftung aus Nussbaumholz, gravierte, eiserne Garnitur mit Silbereinlagen. Nicht zugehriger, hlzerner Ladestock mit Horndopper. Metallteile teils narbig, suregereinigt. Lnge 123 cm. Erwerbsscheinpflichtig Hermann Historica
A Fusilier's needle rifle model 1860
calibre 15.43 mm, no. 9976. Matching numbers including screws. Four-groove rifled barrel with bright bore, length 78.5 cm. Folding frame sight. Left on chamber marked "Smmerda ND / F.G.Mod:60", production year "1862" on the right. Various acceptance stamps. Butt shoe lobe carries service mark "F.R.35.11.78." Barrel with complete original brown finish, partially weak spots. Lock and chamber in the white, slight blemishes. Full walnut stock without cheek, cleaned, stamps in good condition, bottom left 5 cm hairline crack. Brass fittings, iron sling swivels with numberless screws. Complete with ball-headed ramrod inside two brass tubes. Good to very good overall condition. Length 130 cm. No licence required. No licence required Hermann Historica
deutsch, 1.Hlfte 17.Jhdt. Eiserne Gabel mit eingerollten Enden. Rtlich-braun gefasster Schaft mit originalem schmiedeeisernem Schuh. Lnge 139 cm. Provenienz: Burg Hohenstaufen Hermann Historica
Walther-Manurhin PPK, Polizei
Kal. 7,65 mm, Nr. 116180. Nummerngleich. Blanker Lauf. Links am Rahmen Abnahme Adler/"POL 838". Originale Hochglanzbrnierung, vorne am Schlitten leicht fleckig. Braune Kunststoffgriffschale. Erwerbsscheinpflichtig. Links am Rahmen Abnahme Adler/"POL 838" Hermann Historica
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