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Located in Munich, Hermann Historica is one of the leading auction houses worldwide specializing in sales of objects under the categories firearms, antiquities, historical objects, military objects, and much more.

Court Erich Klenau von Klenova, Baron of Janowitz founded the company for over 50 years ago. Hermann Historica quickly became well-known among international collectors and museums. The company was then named Graf Klenau. In the beginning of the 1970's, Wolfgang Hermann joined the company. Graf Klenau started to increase their developement as a company, expanding their client base and producing carefully researched special catalogues, which led to the companys growing relevance in the international auction market. Wolfgang Hermann and Ernst-Ludwig Wagner jointly took over the company in 1982, re-named it “Hermann Historica oHG” and had a decisive influence on the development of the ever expanding business. In subsequent years Franz Hermann and Thomas Rief also became partners and cemented the dynamic leadership of the company which exists today.

Hermann Auctions currently have 50 staff members and over 40 000 clients. Auctions are held twice per year, offering around 10 000 lots per auction. Customers can continuously participate in their online-based live auctions.

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Hermann Historica's 74th auction
This year's spring sale at Hermann Historica will run from 24th April to 6th May in Munich with 6 000 pieces including antiquities, ancient weapons, hunting pieces as well as important historical military pieces.
Ancient weapons, hunting equipment and militaria
The autumn sale at Hermann Historica, which is the 71st sale to be held at the Munich auction house, includes objects from the ancient world and the Middle Ages, with pieces from the royal courts of Europe.

Realised prices "Hermann Historica "

A German powder horn
A German powder horn,\n\ncirca 1740. Body of pressed greenish cow horn, fitted with richly chiselled and engraved, fire-gilded brass mountings. A triple wheellock key mounted on the front surrounded by laurel and rocaille ornamentation. Finely engraved bottom plate. Two suspension rings on one side. The belt slide in the back is missing. The body shows minor insect damage and restorations. Length 25 cm.\n\nCondition: II-\nLimit: 1500 EURO\n\n sold Hermann Historica
A fine large hunting-themed powder flask
A fine large hunting-themed powder flask,\n\nMichael Maucher style, Schwbisch Gmnd circa 1680/90. Three-dimensionally carved, ring-shaped body made from boxwood. Continuous figures of a deer, a bear and a boar fighting with hunting dogs in high relief. Spout and suspension loops made from fire-gilt brass. The base plate of the spout bears a finely engraved mascaron and acanthus leaves, a spring-loaded lid in the shape of a bird. Height 20.5 cm.\n\nCondition: II-\nLimit: 6000 EURO\n\n 6300 EURO Hermann Historica
A Webley solid frame revolver, calibre .44 Rimfire
circa 1864, without number. Octagonal barrel, length 6.25". 6-shot. Case extractor. On the frame bridge marked "WEBLEY'S PATENT". Original blue-black finish, partially spotted with few fine pits. Bolt plate and cylinder presumably slightly reworked. Hammer, ejector, loading gate and other small parts in the white. Dark brown walnut grip panels with checkering. Lanyard loop. Well kept. Webley revolvers for rimfire cartridges in calibre .44 are very rare. Lit. see Bruce, Webley Revolvers, pp. 43 ff. Erwerbsscheinpflichtig Hermann Historica
Kasten fr Colt SAA
19. Jhdt. Nussholzkasten mit verschraubtem Deckel und eingelassenem, vakantem Medaillon. Mit grnem Stoff auschgeschlagen, darin lknnchen, Putzstock, vier Multifunktionswerkzeuge und 21 Patronen Kal..45 Colt. 33 x 17 x 5 cm. Erwerbsscheinpflichtig Hermann Historica
Matchrevolver Wostok Mod. T03-36, im Koffer
Matchrevolver Wostok Mod. T03-36, im Koffer,\n\nKal. 7,62 Nagant, Nr. 536. Sechsschssig. Spiegelblanker, gerippter Lauf, Lnge 150 mm. Beschuss 1968. Mikro-Visier. Vollstndige originale Hochglanzbrnierung. Helle Nussholz-Sportgriffschalen. Im zugehrigen Holzkoffer mit div. Werkzeugen, lflasche, Bedienungsanleitung und Waffenpass. Ungeschossene, neue Erhaltung.\nErwerbsscheinpflichtig. \n\nCondition: I\nLimit: 150 EURO\n\n 340 EURO Hermann Historica
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