Baldwin’s, based in Central London, is one of the world’s oldest and largest numismatic dealerships. It was founded in 1872, and their current team of specialists has over 300 years combined experience in all areas of numismatics, including British and foreign coins, commemorative medals, Ancient coins, military decorations, banknotes, stamps and autographs.

Over their long history, Baldwin’s has built up an impressive stock of numismatic items, and their specialists frequently attend auctions and fairs all around the world in order to source the finest and rarest items. Their reserve of numismatic items is the most comprehensive in the UK, and Baldwin’s has a history of sourcing rare and important coins for prominent collectors.

In 2005 Baldwin’s merged with Noble Investments (UK) PLC, and acquired Apex Philatelics in 2008 and Dreweatts & Bloomsbury Auctions in 2012, meaning that in recent years the company has expanded to become a formidable market player. Baldwin’s became a part of the Stanley Gibbons Group PLC in 2013, and is now listed as a collectables retailer on the London Stock Exchange.

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Major collection of ancient Jewish coins and Russian Orders medals at auction
Baldwin's New York sale taking place on 10th to 12th January, a cornerstone of the New York International Coin Convention, will feature an outstanding collection of ancient Jewish coins as well as a sale dedicated to medals and decorations from the Russian Orders.
Baldwin's brings over 2 800 coins to the market this summer
This summer, Baldwin's, a leading coin specialist dealer and auctioneer, have brought to the market 1 200 fixed price items ready for collectors to purchase.
Looks like Donald Trump will be spending the summer in London
Mayfair's Maddox Gallery Summer exhibition is set to open next week and will run until 26th August. This will be the gallery's first annual Summer Exhibition and is sure to not disappoint collectors with works by artists including Bradley Theodore, Illma Gore, Retna, Simafra, Tony Kelly, Robi Waters and Michael Moebius, as well as unseen work from artists new to Maddox Gallery including Dan Baldwin, Chris Moon, Finn Stone and Dean Fox.
London Fashion Week celebrates 40 years
In the sixties, Tony Porter was the name in fashion PR in London. Unable to believe that London, one of the world's hubs for fashion, did not have an event for journalists and buyers, in the same way Paris and Milan, Porter founded what is today's London Fashion Week.
Remember remember, it's the 5th November
It's time to light the bonfire, toast marshmallows and give a penny to the guys as remember remember, tomorrow is the 5th November.

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BRITISH COINS. Canute, Silver Penny, Quatrefoil
BRITISH COINS. Canute, Silver Penny, Quatrefoil type (c.1017-1023), London mint, moneyer Summerlede, crowned and draped bust left within quatrefoil, legend commences at bottom, +CNVT REX ANGLORV, rev long voided cross with pellet centre and tri-crescent terminals, over quatrefoil with pellet on each cusp, +SVMERLEĐ: O LII, 0.86g (BMC type VIII; N 781; S 1157). Lightly double struck and some peck marks, otherwise toned, about very fine.This coin is struck from dies of the "Thetford" style, as defined by Blackburn and Lyon in their article "Regional Die-Production in Cnut's Quatrefoil Issue", Chapter 13 of Anglo-Saxon Monetary History. These dies, cut at Thetford and supplied for use in London, are therefore rare. Baldwin's
† AFRICA. South AFRICA. Union of South
† AFRICA. South AFRICA. Union of South AFRICA. George V, 3-Pences (2), 1923, 1924 (H S121, S122). First rubbed, about extremely fine, the second about uncirculated. (2)Part of the Arielle Collection Of British Colonial Coins. Baldwin's
COINS OF BRITISH INDIA, Colonial and Regal, Tin
COINS OF BRITISH INDIA, Colonial and Regal, Tin Pattern 1-Anna, 1904, obv crowned bust to right, EDWARD VII KING & EMPEROR, rev full rayed sun above horizon, "1" to left, ANNA above and a palm tree to right, value in Urdu below, INDIAN EMPIRE 1904 around (KM Pn46; Pr 1062). Surface corrosion but some original lustre, good fine. Pridmore did not have an example and this is the only piece we have seen outside of the British Museum Baldwin's
ISLAMIC COINS, ABBASID, al-Muqtadir (295-320h)
ISLAMIC COINS, ABBASID, al-Muqtadir (295-320h), Dirham, Ardabil 311h, 2.90g. About very fine and very rare. Baldwin's
BRITISH COINS, England, George IV (1820-1830)
BRITISH COINS, England, George IV (1820-1830), Bronzed Proof Farthing, 1826, laureate head left, date below, rev struck en medaille, Britannia helmeted seated right, emblems in exergue (Peck 1440; S 3825). Mint state fleur de coin and scarce. Baldwin's
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