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1968 S Error Curved Clip Lincoln Penny NGC MS65 RD
NGC Graded 1968 S Lincoln Penny, Curved Clip @ 3:00, Mint Error MS65 RD, graded and encased by NGC Appraisal & Estate Sale Specialists
14k Gold Choker with 60ct Citrine Pendant
14K gold choker with 60ct citrine pendant. Custom designed, unmarked, acid tested. Hook back closure, 5 1/2" diameter choker, pendant approx 2 1/2" x 1 1/2" including locking bail. Appraisal & Estate Sale Specialists
Large Lot Antique Christmas Postcards, Tuck & More
This is a huge lot, close to 400, of Christmas postcards of all varieties from real photo to comical, cherubs to creations by Raphael Tuck. Does contain a very small amount of duplicate. Appraisal & Estate Sale Specialists
20th C Fox Movie Prop Chairs, Mother of Pearl
Pair of movie prop chairs from 20th Century Fox. Chairs are painted black with gold accents painted along the legs and on the back. The splat is inlayed with mother of pearl in the center and small pieces of mother of pearl trimming out the rest of the chair back. Approx measurements are 34"x16"x15" S.H. 6 1/2" NOTE: chairs are not a matched pair but are painted to appear. Each chair has a different shaped back. Appraisal & Estate Sale Specialists
Antique Pink Guilloche Ball Watch & Matching Chain
Beautiful antique pink Guilloche Swiss watch with hand painting hanging from a guilloche'd station chain. Chain measures 15 1/2" long Appraisal & Estate Sale Specialists
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