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Third Reich Work Corp Regimental Stein
Pottery POG 1/2L. Third Reich work corps. 1935-1936, Karl Seib." Mint. Fox Auctions
Munich Child Cat Shierholz Barrel Character Stein
Character Stein 1/2L Schierholz Porcelain. Munich Child and cat on barrel. Litho of Bavaria monument. Mint. Fox Auctions
Man on Early Bicycle Radfahr Club Stoneware Stein
Stoneware POG 1/2L. Man rides early bicycle. “Radfahr Club Nord West.” Signed CM. Mint. Fox Auctions
Mettlach Large Etched Art Nouveau Platter
Mettlach #2960 Etched 15" Platter. Art Nouveau design. Fracture on rear edge only. Front perfect Fox Auctions
American Cold War Regimental Porcelain 1/2L Stein
American Cold War Regimental Porcelain 1/2L Stein. "Headquarters USACOMZEUR Office of the DCSOPS February 1969- May 1969." Nude litho. Mint Fox Auctions
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