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1 L. Floral Mosaic Mettlach Stein
Mettlach #1772 Mosaic 1L. Floral design. Mint. Fox Auctions
Standard Brewery Co Bismark Baltimore Adv Stein
Pottery Relief 1/2L. “Standard Brewery Co., Bismarck, Baltimore” on base. Mint. Fox Auctions
Art Nouveau Reinhold Merkelbach Stein
Stoneware Reinhold Merkelbach 1/2L. Art Nouveau designed by Richard Riemerschmidt. Mint. Fox Auctions
Very Rare Saxon Baker Regimental Porcelain Stein
½ L. Porcelain Regimental . "4. Comp. Kgl. Sachs. Inft. Rgmt. No. 134 (Chemnitz) 1904-06 Militar Backer Abteilung des XII Armeecorps, Paul Neubert". A very rare Saxon aker occupational stein. Seated soldier finial. Fox Auctions
Capo-di-Monte Hand Painted Stein
1 L. Porcelain Relief. Hand Painted. Capo-di-Monte. Cherubs and women. Matching set o lid. Figural vine handle Fox Auctions
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