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United States Scott 101 Fine Used SCV.$2250
90¢ "F" grill Washington, Scott 101, Used with Fine centering for this, moderate cancel. Very difficult to find stamp. 2017 SCV.$2250 Fusco Auctions
Rhodesia & Northern Rhodesia Stamp Collection to 1979
Very useful collection of several hundred stamps, unused and used, incl. better earlies with some pound values of which of few have revenue cancels. Many singles in the $5-50 range plus nearly all of the long complete sets from the 1950-1970's era. Much of the later material is never hinged. A lovely collection with values to $100+ spotted. Of special mention is the rarely seen 1965 anti-independence forgery sheet. Suggested bid $300 Fusco Auctions
Wedgewood Silver Luster Soups and Underplates
Lovely set of (8)Wedgewood silver luster double handle soups with matching underplates Fusco Auctions
Luxembourg Netherlands and Switzerland Stamp Collection
Useful lot of many hundred stamps, unused and used, hinge mounted and in mounts on Minkus pages to about mid-1980's. Each of these could be sold as country collections or picked through to build on yours. Each starts with decent earlies to about 1960 with back of the book issues but very few souvenir sheets. Then from 1960-1985+ there are many complete sets with many never hinged. Loads of great topical sets throughout. Much in the $2-10+ range with scattered better. Values to $125 spotted, could be some better. Well worth review. Suggested bid $300 Fusco Auctions
Worldwide Cover Lot
Interesting looking accumulation of a few hundred + misc., mostly European foreign covers with Great Britain or U.S. destinations. Noticed some advertising, censored, airmail, etc. with various frankings and post marks. Overall fair condition. Needs a worthwhile review. Suggested bid $100 Fusco Auctions
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