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Chinese Pink-ground Plate
The plate is incised in white dragons. It measures 9.25" across. 19th. C.. Good condition. Golden Dragon Auction Inc.
Chinese Bamboo Carving of Kwan-Yin
Carved from bamboo. It's been repaired on the neck. Golden Dragon Auction Inc.
Chinese Bronze Buddha Statue
9" (23cm) tall. 19th. C. Good condition. Golden Dragon Auction Inc.
Chinese Extra Large White Jade Handle Silver Spoon
大號白玉柄銀勺. Marked "足點”“顏吉利” . 19th. C.. 10.5" (27cm) long. Jade:5" (13cm) long. Good condition. Please note: we DO NOT use any softwares to change the jade color and all photos in white are taken under natural sunlight. 請注意: 我們不使用任何軟件改變玉的顏色, 所有白背景的照片都是在自然光線下所攝. Golden Dragon Auction Inc.
Chinese Old Painting Framed
Painted in Mountains and waters. 18th/19th. C.. Good condition. Painting without the frame 鏡心: 33" (84cm) long and 14.75" (37cm) wide. Good condition. The current owners inherited this piece from their Polish grandmother, whose father was a civil engineer to help China build the railroad during late 19th. C.. Thus their grandmother was born in China over 100 years ago and raised in China as well. Their grandmother brought these antiques back to US in 1940's. Golden Dragon Auction Inc.
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