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IAA Ltd was established in 2005 and quickly gained the reputation of being Britain’s leading specialist auctioneers of autograph letters, signed photographs and historical documents.

As well as selling many individual lots, IAA Ltd also honoured to sell collections from £10,000 to £250,000. The application of expertise in presenting practical and realistic estimates continues to contribute towards the successful sale rate of 85-95% of lots, a figure that considerably exceeds the industry norm.

IAA have also become widely known for their expeditious settlement terms which, once again, are amongst the most prompt and considerably better than many other auction houses.

The auction house's global client base continues to expand as a result of IAA's reputation, complemented by international media coverage of some of the fascinating autograph collections featured in our auctions.

Clients have complimented IAA on not only their professionalism but also friendly, dynamic and enthusiastic approach in providing a total service including expertise second to none.

IAA Ltd are members of PADA, The Manuscript Society and the UACC.

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O'TOOLE PETER: (1932-2013) Irish Actor
O'TOOLE PETER: (1932-2013) Irish Actor, Academy Award winner. Signed 8 x 10 photograph of the actor in a profile head and shoulders pose lighting a cigarette from the end of a previously smoked one. Signed in bold, dark fountain pen ink with his name alone to a light area at the base of the image. About EX International Autograph Auctions
ENTERTAINMENT: Selection of vintage signed
ENTERTAINMENT: Selection of vintage signed postcard photographs and larger by various female entertainers, stage artists, variety and music hall acts etc, including Florrie Forde, Betty Driver, Jean Gillie, Catherine Nesbitt, Tamara Desni, Mary Ellis, Gertrude Nisson, Betty King, Norah Blaney, Kitty Bluett, Vera Pearle, Monica Jeans, Isobel Elsom, Tessie O'Shea, Marie Studholme, Anita, Elsie & Doris Waters, Mary Morris, June Clyde, Carla Lehmann, Clarice Mayne, etc. FR to generally G, 111 International Autograph Auctions
HAILE SELASSIE I: (1892-1975) Ethiopian Regent
HAILE SELASSIE I: (1892-1975) Ethiopian Regent 1916-30 and Emperor 1930-74. Bold blue fountain pen ink signature and date, 1936, in his hand on a page removed from an autograph album. Neatly affixed to the page beneath the signature is an original candid 4.5 x 2.5 photograph of Haile Selassie, accompanied by several other individuals, walking across a bridge, presumably in Bath. Together with Princess Tenagnework (1912-2003) Daughter of Haile Selassie. T.L.S., in Ge'ez and English, one page, 8vo, Fairfield, Bath, 29th October 1942, to John Hutton of the Pump Room in Bath. The Princess invites her correspondent to tea with herself and other friends on 2nd November, 'when I would like you to meet the Ethiopian Minister Blatta Ayela Gebre.' Also including a page removed from an autograph album signed by Haile Selassie's physician, August 1936. VG, 3 Haile Selassie spent his exile years from 1936-1941 in Bath at his Georgian residence Fairfield House. International Autograph Auctions
AUTOGRAPH: DAVIS MILES, (1926-1991) American Jazz
AUTOGRAPH: DAVIS MILES, (1926-1991) American Jazz Trumpeter. Signed 7 x 5 photograph, a close-up portrait of the talented musician wearing a dark jacket and hat. Davis calmly casts his eyes directly towards the camera. Signed ('Miles') in bold blue ink to the lower International Autograph Auctions
EDISON THOMAS: (1847-1931) American Inventor of
EDISON THOMAS: (1847-1931) American Inventor of the phonograph and light bulb among many other items. Bold pencil signature ('Thos A. Edison' - his umbrella signature) at the head of an 8vo sheet. Beneath Edison's signature appear five ink signatures of various minor, and apparently unrelated, individuals. A horizontal crease runs through the centre, not affecting any of the signatures, otherwise VG International Autograph Auctions
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