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Large Sandpipers
Gouache, watercolor, pencil and ink on paper with overlay, Field Guide to Eastern Birds, 1980. Also page 143 in Field Guide to the Birds of Eastern and Central North America, 2002. 15 x 9 inches Provenance: Estate of Roger Tory Peterson and Virginia Marie Peterson. Guernsey's
Huile Russe
Rassenfosse, Armand, 1896. 37.3 x 24.6 in / 94.8 x 62.5 cm. Imp. Bénard, Auguste Cond. B / LB / Guernsey's
Women in Sports (2)
Note: Description Updated 11/22.\n\nTwo photographs shot for the April 1978 issue of Time. Color, 1978. Vintage Type "C" print. University of Colorado Women's Rugby Club. Signed in ink by Neil Leifer. 14 x 9.5in. professionally mounted on 20 x 16in. posterboard. Color, 1978. Vintage Type "C" print. Pennsylvania State vs. Maryland University lacrosse match. Featured in Sports Illustrated's "A Year in Sports," 1992. Signed in ink by Neil Leifer. 9.5 x 14in.; professionally mounted on 16 x 20in. poster board.\n\nThe photographs in this auction have been examined by an expert, whose opinions pertaining to the age of the prints, the printing process, and the type of paper used, are included in the description of each photograph. Although Guernsey’s believes these descriptions to be accurate, interested buyers are urged to personally inspect the prints either at the public preview or by appointment with Guernsey’s. As with all items in this auction, all lots are being sold as is.\n\nPlease note the terms being used to describe photographic prints:\n\nVintage print: Printed no more than 3-5 years after the negative was made.\nOlder print: Also referred to by collectors as "printed later." Refers to a print that was made more than 3-5 years after the original negative was made, but not within the 21st century.\nModern print: Refers to a print made in the 21st century from an earlier, 20th century negative. Guernsey's
Otto Amtsberg, 1912. 39.8 x 25.6 in / 101 x 65 cm. Imp. J. E. Wolfensberger, München. Cond. B / P Guernsey's
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