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As selling agents for Asset Forfeiture, Seizure, Overstocks, Bankruptcies, Private Estate Liquidation, and Wholesale clients, US Asset Forfeiture & Seizures Inc. offers these goods at auction. They take you virtually to the auction floor via different Internet Auction Providers to bid against other collectors, dealers and speculators. You can own a tangible asset for a fraction of the cost of retail. An auction is a fun way to acquire an asset... your final bid price is totally controlled by you.

Wise investors diversify their holdings into gold, silver, coinage, land options, fine art, diamonds, jewelry and classic cars. A tangible asset is preferred to a stock or paper option by the wise investor.
US Asset Forfeiture & Seizures Inc offers at auction all the above mentioned items.

Their motto is... see it, like it, buy it and enjoy it!

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1 oz Silver Maple Leaf Bullion
We offer at auction some of the best quality tangible assets. We strive to make your bidding experience the best on the net. Weekly sales of large bulk lots, individual lots and simply the most offerings. All lots start at $ 1 withnoreserve. Bid early and often. US Asset Forfeiture & Seizures Inc
1910 P $ 5 Gold Indian
The coin is the exact item in the image. It is the bidders responsibility to gauge grade and value. Any bid is an agreement to this and all other terms that applied when bidder registered. US Asset Forfeiture & Seizures Inc
E- $8,333 Emerald & Sapphire Ring Platinum PL S/S
This item is as a earth mined gemstone article with a Graduate Gemologist form GIA appraisal. This item and appraisal will be sold to the highest bidder, this is true MARKET value for the item, the appraisal is a means to show the insured value of the item and for replacement value. Bidders should use the appraisal for verification of gemstone and mount properties. US Asset Forfeiture & Seizures Inc
4 ct. Natural Emerald Gemstone
This is a natural gemstone direct from the earth. Showing all natural occurances. US Asset Forfeiture & Seizures Inc
1 oz Us Gold Buffalo Bullion 24K .9999
The only US minted bullion at 24k or .9999 pure. Mixed dates. US Asset Forfeiture & Seizures Inc
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