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As selling agents for Asset Forfeiture, Seizure, Overstocks, Bankruptcies, Private Estate Liquidation, and Wholesale clients, US Asset Forfeiture & Seizures Inc. offers these goods at auction. They take you virtually to the auction floor via different Internet Auction Providers to bid against other collectors, dealers and speculators. You can own a tangible asset for a fraction of the cost of retail. An auction is a fun way to acquire an asset... your final bid price is totally controlled by you.

Wise investors diversify their holdings into gold, silver, coinage, land options, fine art, diamonds, jewelry and classic cars. A tangible asset is preferred to a stock or paper option by the wise investor.
US Asset Forfeiture & Seizures Inc offers at auction all the above mentioned items.

Their motto is... see it, like it, buy it and enjoy it!

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1923 MS 63 NGC Peace Dollar
The item is the exact item in the image. Bidder is responsible for all value, or grade and any bid is agreement to all terms in the registration. US Asset Forfeiture & Seizures Inc
Random Date 1 oz Gold Eagle in 14k Rope Bezel
Item will be as described in title. Due to the fact that we may have more than one of these items, the winning bidder may not get the exact item pictured, but the exact date and grade if any grading is depicted will be US Asset Forfeiture & Seizures Inc
450 tcw African Sapphire Necklce w GP Drop
Item is natural earth mined and exact item in photo. Having all natural tenedencies and inherent specific charateristics of mineral type. Also any and all accepted GIA enhancements are supposed. US Asset Forfeiture & Seizures Inc
Lot of (20) Circulated Morgan Silver Dollar
Item is from our stock, and grades at ag-xf grades, with mint marks and dates being random from our stock. US Asset Forfeiture & Seizures Inc
150R: 5.25 ct. t.w. Rhodolite Bracelet in 14kt Over Ste
5.25 ct. t.w. Rhodolite Bracelet in 14kt Over Sterling. 7"Item#: 791488 Metal:14kt Gold Over Sterling SilverFinish:PolishedSafety:Double LatchStone 1:Rhodolite (Color: Purple, Quantity: 66, Shape: Round, Weight: 5.25 ct. t.w., Size: 2.5 mm) US Asset Forfeiture & Seizures Inc
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