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Seth Thomas "No. 3" Shelf Calendar Clock
Seth Thomas "No. 3" Shelf Calendar Clock: In a walnut case with an 8 day T&S movement; an unmarked metal upper dial; a metal bottom dial marked "Patented Feb. 15, 1876" and as good interior label. The clock is running at this time. 26 3/4" Tall Sells as is, where is. Tom Harris Auctions
400J: Zoppini Stainless Steel Ring W/ Blue Stone
Zoppini Stainless Steel Ring W/ Blue Stone: made of 5 connected narrow bands; the top was notched and an emerald cut blue stone was mounted. This unusual style of a ring has its parts connected with tiny screws.About size 9. Tom Harris Auctions
French Mobier, A. Ferror
French Mobier, A. Ferror : With a porcelain dial; with 2 weights. Not tested. **Please note, this item ships F.O.B. which means you, the buyer, must make all of your own packing and shipping arrangements. Tom Harris Auctions
4 Watch Fobs - 3 Locations and U.S. Seal
4 Watch Fobs - 3 Locations and U.S. Seal: 1.) "Yellowstone Park" showing a bull elk on a rock; copper colored; made by the Robbins Co. 2.) "Niagara Falls", red, white and blue enamel holds the words and stars; shows a view of the Falls in the center of the fob; made of plated metal. (Shows wear.) 3.) "The Great Seal of the U.S." fob; marked "Warranted 14K & Solid Gold Plated on Bronze". (The gold is gone.) 4.) A medallion showing Monticello - Home of Thomas Jefferson; attached to a steel mesh chain that was part of a safety chain. Tom Harris Auctions
248: Illinois Rockland 0/2-135, 17J, Pocket Watch
Illinois Rockland 0/2-135, 17J, OF, SW, DMK, Pocket Watch: Serial No. 4261773, adjusted; the silver SSD looks OK; in a yellow 14K gold filled Trivoli case numbered 3921552; running at this time.(The case back is scuffed and dented.)All items sell As Is, Where Is, no guarantees of any kind. We accept Mastercard & Visa, no paypal, no personal checks, no money orders, no wire transfers. Your credit card will be charged twice; once for the purchase and once for packing and shipping, You, the buyer must contact our office within 3 business days of the auction ending to make payment arrangements. Thank You for participating in our auction. Tom Harris Auctions
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