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Kaplans Auktioner are specialists in watches, jewellery, precious stones and silver. Kaplans Auktioner is the leading Nordic auction house in these categories. Every week, you can place bids at their salerooms, at Kaplan's premises in central Stockholm, or their online sales via the website.

Kaplans Auktioner also has a store in Stockholm with their own goldsmith’s workshop, where they have made jewellery for more than 65 years.

  • Sweden
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Ring Silver 925 Ø 17 3,9g
Ring Silver 925 Ø 17 3,9g Kaplans Auktioner
Hängen, 2st 18K 1,1g Kaplans Auktioner
Armband, X-länk med stav 18K 20cm bucklig vid låset 10,9g Kaplans Auktioner
1 Collier med vita stenar
1 Collier med vita stenar, ca 73cm, 18K. Vikt 49,2g Kaplans Auktioner
Halskedja, 18K Figaro 41cm 3,9g Kaplans Auktioner

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Kaplans Auktioner AB
Biblioteksgatan 5
111 46 Stockholm
T: 08 - 545 016 00