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VYACHESLAV "SLAVA" SHUMILOV (Russian 1931-2004) A PAINTING, "Still Life," oil on canvas. 23" x 31" NOTE: In his youth he used to work as a painter on china (-ware) and had a great success. He graduated from Moscow Art Institute in 1950 (easel painting) and was invited to continue education in St. Petersburg Art Academy, but climate there wasn't the best for his health. He had tuberculosis. He settled down in Academichka the most beautiful place between Moscow and St. Petersburg, where the best artists from all over USSR came together to share experience, work and rest. Other very famous artists influence and inspire Shumilov to become the Artist from the Capital letter. Slava Shumilov could achieve the same level and was awarded with the Silver Medal as it did famous Russian artist Venetsianov in 19th century. Shumilov's works are exhibited in National Tretiakovsky Gallery (Moscow) National Russian Museum (St. Petersburg) Collection of Russian Art Ministry Tul'sky Art Museum Saratovsky Art Museum Arkhangelsky Art Museum Tver region Art Gallery Kazanskaya Art Gallery and many others Galleries all over the Russia. His works are in cities administration of Helsinki, Bergamo (Italy), Tokyo (Japan), in Moscow Residence of Russian Federation President Mr.Putin. Also there are a lot of his works in private and corporate collections in Germany, Poland, Italy, USA, Japan, Finland and China. Source: Fine Art Limited.Read more

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A COLLECTION OF LUCRETIA VANDERBILT INC. COBALT BLUE COSMETICS AND "CONCENTRATED EXTRACT" PERFUME BOTTLE PRESENTATIONS, FOR MCKESSON-ROBBINS, CIRCA 1927, designed by Leon A. Danco (American 1898-1976), the set of matching lady's toiletries, including a large perfume bottle presentation, the flat circular flacon created from opaque white overlaid in cobalt blue glass topped by a molded stopper. Around the bottle's corded neck hangs a silvered metal necklace centering a pierced representation of Lucretia Vanderbilt's logo, a stylized butterfly surrounded by a floral motif within a filigreed medallion, the bottle mounted on a square silvered base with raised butterflies flanking "Lucretia Vanderbilt" on a blue enamel ground, patent and manufacturing information on base, height: 3 3/4"; accompanied by the original elaborate navy silk drop-front presentation box in the shape of a rounded arch and centered by the stylized butterfly logo on a blue enamel ground, cobalt tassels to either side of the box attached to silk cords supporting the lid, opening to a cream silk lined interior fitted with original cotton cushioning, lifted on a rectangular silvered base with small ball feet, patent and manufacturing information on base, height: 4 3/4"; a matching miniature cobalt blue flacon with an acid etched and gilt stylized butterfly logo just below the bottle's corded neck, integral rectangular foot with white paper label "Concentrated Extract by Lucretia Vanderbilt," height: 2 1/4"; a pair of miniature perfume tester bottles, each housed in a cylindrical tin case presentation featuring the raised stylized butterfly logo on navy enameled ground, the sides with vertical pinstripe detailing, the lid lifting to reveal a delicate glass faceted cylindrical flacon with frosted circular prism stopper and metallic foil label, "Trial Size" incised on base, height: 2"; an oval vanity powder box, the navy enameled tin lid featuring a white outline embossed stylized butterfly logo, lifting open to a cardboard base retaining the original powder puff, raised on a conforming silvered base, a paragraph description of moisture proof powder product printed underfoot, height: 1 3/4"; a small oval vanity box, possibly once for powder, the lid of the navy enameled tin featuring the stylized butterfly logo, the delicate conforming case raised on small ball feet, base incised "Lucretia Vanderbilt," height: 1 3/4"; a triple compact with petite lipstick case, the rectangular lid featuring the stylized butterfly logo raised above a navy enameled ground, opening to a rectangular flesh-toned powder pot under a narrow tray with pop-up base for missing petite lipstick, opposite a mirror, which can be opened to reveal a rose blush pot and original rectangular navy silk embroidered application pad, accompanied by a small wire display stand, length: 2 1/4". (7) NOTE: Hugely successful but short lived, the line was launched by pharmaceutical giant McKesson-Robbins in 1929, on eve of the Stock Market Crash and subsequent American Great Depression. The distinctive Art Moderne packaging was designed by a young war hero by the name of Leon A. Danco (American 1898-1976), who was hired as the manager of McKesson-Robbins perfume and cosmetics department because of his experience working as Vice President of the family owned perfume importer, Belgian Trading Company. The true identity of Lucretia Vanderbilt is unknown. However, it is speculated to be the daughter of former pharmaceutical partner, Charles Olcott (American d.1853). Olcott's daughter, born Ethel Lucretia Olcott (American 1885-1980), was a musical prodigy who published her first opus at eighteen, performed concerts nation wide, and lived with and taught guitar to the famous Vanderbilt family. All of the compact cases and containers associated with the Lucretia Vanderbilt line were manufactured by The Scovill Manufacturing Company of Connecticut. Special thanks to Compactstory and Grace E. Hummel, both of whom provide further information.Read more

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