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Organ Grinder and Performing Bear
Made by Kyser & Rex Company Philadelphia, Pa. - Late 1880’s Postbellum bigoted sentiment is an unmistakable feature in the imagery used for the Organ Grinder bank. A wealthy Confederate landowner has returned to his plantation at the end of the Civil War. The humiliating loss suffered by the southern states has completely dispirited him. Additionally, he is now maimed and incomplete, a mere ghostly apparition of his former self. Look carefully beneath the hurdy-gurdy and you will discover that he has lost his left leg and wears a peg instead. He can no longer do agricultural work in this reduced state. He has been compelled to train a bear and give shows for the locals. To add insult to injury, two local boys can be seen peeking over the fence to get a free look. The RSL Auction Co.
Magic Bank, Yellow Mechanical Bank
Made by the J. & E. Stevens Company Cromwell, Connecticut – Circa 1876 Place a coin on the tray in front of the cashier. Press the lever on the right side of the bank and the cashier spins around, rapidly depositing your coin. Material: Cast Iron The RSL Auction Co.
Large Tankard
German - Circa 1890 - 6” Tall Material: Silver Plated The RSL Auction Co.
Imperial 3 coin bank - piaget novelty - cast iron
Imperial Three Coin Bank, Piaget Novelty Co., Cast Iron, Pristine Rare The RSL Auction Co.
Jolly N. Bank – Circular Twist Trap Mechanical
Made by the J. & E. Stevens Company • Cromwell, Connecticut – Circa 1897 Stevens purchased the patent for this iconic coin-swallower bank from Shepard Hardware and then made several minor modifications in the design before re-offering the bank for sale in 1897. Material: Cast Iron The RSL Auction Co.
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