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Based near Chicago, Rock Island Auction Company managed to become the most successful collectible firearms auction house in the world just ten years after its foundation in 2003 and has been setting world records in firearm sales since 2010 with a present achievement of 23,000 firearms sold annually. Its qualified firearm experts are in continual pursuit of first-class service and a reputation based on authenticity and excellence.


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Special Order Winchester First Model 1873 Lever Action Rifle

This Special order Winchester Model 1873 rifle manufactured in 1877. This rifle has the very desirable First Model receiver with grooved dust cover guides and dust cover with checkered, oval, 'thumbprint'. The rifle is accompanied by a Cody Firearms Museum Records Office form that identifies this Winchester Model 73 as, "Type: Rifle, Barrel Shape: 1/2 Oct, Trigger: Pln, Stock: Checkered Stock, Magazine: Short mag" and "Casehardened". The letter states that this rifle was shipped from Winchester on "3-7-77". The rifle has a half-octagon/half-round barrel with a Beach folding combination front sight and buckhorn sporting style rear sight. A folding graduated peep sight with graduations from 0-75 is mounted on the receiver tang. The rifle has a short magazine, First Style lever latch, and crescent buttplate with sliding brass trapdoor. The stock and forearm are "XXX" highly figured fancy grade walnut with factory checkering and a semi-gloss finish. On left side of tang is "XXX", "198", which is also stamped in the buttstock inlet. The checkering is the Second Style with large "Vee" on the stock wrist at the junction with the receiver. This checkering is found on Model 1873 rifles reportedly beginning in the low 23,000 serial number range. (This rifle is number 25777, which concurs.) The barrel and crescent buttplate are blue. The magazine tip, forearm cap, dust cover and receiver have the Winchester high polish finish. The loading gate is fire blue. The hammer, trigger and lever are casehardened. The top barrel flat is roll-stamped "WINCHESTER'S-REPEATING ARMS. NEW HAVEN. CT./KING'S-IMPROVEMENT-PATENTED-MARCH 29. 1866.OCTOBER 16. 1860." in two lines ahead of the rear sight. The serial number is stamped in two lines on the lower tang behind the lever latch. "XXX" and "198" are stamped on the left side of the lower tang beneath the stock. The barrel and cartridge elevator correctly have no caliber markings.Read more

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