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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Oversized Green Isolinear
A oversized green isolinear chip used in the production of the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine episode "One Little Ship". These oversized chips were used in the foreground of forced perspective shots were the miniature O'Brien and Bashir tried to rewire the Defiant's hardware. Made of acrylic with screen printed circuit pattern on both sides. Item measures 14" x 4" x .5". and remain in great condition. From the collection of Gary Hutzel. Propworx
Excalibur Sword from "Avalon, Part 2"
Production Description: Hero sword wielded by actor Ben Browder as "Cameron Mitchell" in the Stargate SG-1 Season Nine episode, "Avalon, Part 2". Introduced in the stone in the previous episode, this sword was created to help enhance the Arthur legend and its significance in the last two years of the series.\nTechnical Description: Production made prop set consisting of: aluminum sword with dull blade, black leather hand grip, metal hand guard with 4.75in metal spikes, blue plastic jewels, and ornate decorations, metal pommel tipped with a blue plastic globe, grip has two screw holes on one side, measures approx. 46.5in x 8in x 2in. Spare aluminum blade, blade is dull, has two screw holes in the grip area, measures approx. 41.5in x 2in x .25in, production marked "X HERO BLADE" on grip. Set of six spare metal pommels, five are tipped with blue plastic globes, also comes with three blue plastic globes whose threads have been broken off, pommels measure approx. 1.5in with a 2in diameter, globes measure approx. 1.25in in diameter. Propworx
Iron Man 2 Stunt Blood Toxicity Device
Production Description: \nStark Industries blood toxicity device used by Tony to check the levels of palladium poisoning in his blood. Production noted this item as a stunt version used in the film.\n\nTechnical Description: \nMade form a resin block covered in metallic silver tape and features a small circular plastic detail on the front with two pieces of black tape. Measures 4" x 2" x 1". Includes two black nylon cases with silver metal clips on the back, each measuring 3.5" x 2" x 1.5". Propworx
Star Trek: TNG "First Contact" Character Art Collection
A collection of character designs for the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode "First Contact". These pieces were hand drawn by award winning costume designer Robert Blackman and show the designs for different characters to be featured in the episode. Items measure 17" x 14" and remain in excellent condition. From the collection of Robert Blackman. Propworx
Rhodey's Civilian Wear
The outfit James Rhodes wears when he arrives at Tony Stark's house to find him collapsed in his workshop. He quickly helps Tony up and into the Iron Man armor then follows shortly after in one of Tony's many cars. Production noted this hero outfit was worn by Terrence Howard. An electric blue crew neck ringer long sleeve shirt size medium, black leather biker jacket size 52, black socks, unused leather belt from jacket, and dark blue button fly blue jeans size 34, and black leather cowboy boots size 10D. Propworx
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