Antiques Jewellery

Antiques are often defined as collectibles over a century old, which show qualities such as rarity, good condition, beauty, quality, craftsmanship etc. On the used jewellery market, the terms antique and vintage can often be confused, with vintage generally being used for a piece between 50 to 100 years old; the term antique usually applies to a piece of jewellery which is over 100 years old, although pieces from the 1920s are sometimes given this title. Some examples of antique jewellery are sought after for their historical or political significance, such as the suffragette jewellery produced in early 20th century England. These delicate pieces aimed to eradicate the masculine stereotype of female campaigners, whilst promoting their cause by incorporating the purple, green and white colours used by the Women's Social and Political Union. More common types of antique jewellery are coveted for their beauty and quality, including finely-carved cameos.