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Diamond Ring

For over 500 years, diamond rings have been symbolic of love and wealth. Diamond rings were first given as a mark of engagement amongst European royalty and aristocracy - a tradition which is still upheld today. Up until the end of the 20th century, diamond rings were mostly designed for and worn by women. Diamond rings come in a wide variety of designs, with different settings, cuts, bands and number of diamonds. The most popular and coveted materials for diamond rings are white gold, yellow gold and platinum, although other types are available. Since the 20th century, a number of luxury jewellery brands have dominated the market for diamond rings; these include De Beers, Cartier and Harry Winston. Perhaps one of the most famous jewellers for diamond rings is Tiffany & Co., which popularised the classic solitaire prong setting - a single diamond held usually by four to six claw prongs.

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