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For many, rum stirs thoughts of exotic, faraway lands, as well as tales of sailors and pirates at sea. Rum in fact sadly has its roots set in slave history, with slaves working on sugar plantations in the Caribbean during the 1600s discovering that molasses could be made into alcohol through the processes of fermentation and distillation. The taste for rum spread to America, Australia and the British Royal Navy, with a daily ration being given to the latter. Rums vary from light to dark, with different types being drunk in different ways. As rum is now produced across the world, it can also vary on account of its origin. Aging also has an effect on the taste and appearance of the beverage. Like many other forms of alcohol, age can increase the value of rum; as is the case with Scotch whisky and Champagne, aged and rare rums are sought after by drink enthusiasts on the collectors' market.