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Tracey Emin (1963-) UK

British artist Tracey Emin had her breakthrough in London with her 1993 exhibition "My Major Retrospective". Emin began her career with painting and later transitioned to expressing her art primarily through installations. Following a personal crisis involving an abortion, introspection has featured prominently in Emin's works. In "My Major Retrospective "(1993), she exhibited her private notes and belongings to shed light on the role of sex and alcohol in her life. During this exhibition Emin marked the end of her artistry by exhibiting photographs of her own paintings that had been destroyed.
Emin exhibited once again in 1997, this time with "Everyone I have ever slept with", where the installation consisted of photographs and the names of all of her sex partners. This installation was instrumental to her nomination for the 1999 Turner Prize.

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