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Victor Vasarely (1908–1997) Hungary

Vasarely was a Hungarian visual artist and graphic artist who worked in France. Vasarely began his academic career as a medical student at Budapest University in 1927. However, he abandoned his medical studies shortly thereafter and started to study painting instead.
Vasarely’s teachers include László Moholy-Nagy. Vasarely is viewed and often referred to as the “father” of Op Art, which was popular in the 1960s and is characterized by dramatic visual effects with colors and contrasts that sometimes make it difficult for the eye to identify the subject. After Vaserely’s first solo exhibition in 1930 at the Kovacs Akos Gallery in Budapest he moved to Paris.
Vasarely was fascinated by linear patterns and in the 1930s he devoted himself to graphic studies. Works from this period were frequently abstract patterned and figurative, which is clear in his series of zebras and tigers. Vasarely lived until 1997 and his work is represented worldwide.

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