14 February has nearly arrived! Here's a list of 10 perfect gifts for her, guaranteed to put a smile on your loved one's face.

1. Vintage film poster

If you know what your partner’s favourite film is, why not organise a night in? If you accompany the evening with a copy of film’s poster, it shows you’ve gone that extra mile and have given special thought to what makes your partner happy.

2. Jewellery

Simple, diamond, geometric, colourful, gold, delicate or eccentric. Whatever your partner’s taste or style, you’ll find all the jewellery you need at auction!

3. Flower painting

There’s no question florists can make stunning arrangements of bouquets of flowers, however these only last for so long – and not to mention the price goes up astronomically around the 14th.

If you take this idea and apply it to a painting, you get a gift that lasts a lifetime (and quite the romantic gesture).

4. Crockery

Why not organise a romantic home-cooked meal by candlelight? Then surprise your loved one with the beautiful antique crockery on which you serve your meal.

5. Wristwatch

A watch is classic piece of jewellery, and something that’s worn every day. The gift of a watch means every time she looks down at her wrist, she’ll think of you.

6. Porcelain vase

If you do decide to purchase a fresh bouquet of flowers, why not give an extra, special touch with a stunning porcelain vase. There’s a huge assortment of styles and sizes available at auction.

7. Ring

Perhaps it’s time to pop the question? Or at least make a promise or dedication to your loved one. A ring is a romantic idea – and one that can be found in a splendour of metals and gems.

8. Vintage suitcase

Fancy a weekend away? This thoughtful gift is practical and high quality.

9. Book of poetry

A book is touching, a book of poetry touchingly romantic. If you stumble over words or have trouble articulating your thoughts, let a book of poetry do all the talking for you.

10. Hermès scarf

Hermès scarves are iconic – and can be styled a number of ways, whether around the neck, head, wrist or bag. Gift a touch of elegance and celebrity style this Valentine’s Day with a stunning silk scarf.

Whatever your partner’s taste, you’re sure to find something at auction for your loved one.

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