Barnebys have teamed up with House and Garden to offer 6 issues for £6 only, as well as a free editions for your iPad and iPhone, for budding interior designers on the go.

With nearly 70 years dedicated to beautiful interiors and gardens, we have selected stunning homes chosen and photographed by House & Garden. Click on the object to get the look.

Enjoy 6 issued for only £6 here.

2805860-house-18jan16_PaulMassey_b_426x639 2805860-house-18jan16_PaulMassey_b_426x639
2766595-house-6nov15_NgocMinhMgo_b_426x639 2766595-house-6nov15_NgocMinhMgo_b_426x639
2788337-house-20nov15_DavidNicholls_b_426x639 2788337-house-20nov15_DavidNicholls_b_426x639
Sitting-Room-1-house-11feb16_LukeEdwardHall_b_426x639 Sitting-Room-1-house-11feb16_LukeEdwardHall_b_426x639
LC-1-house-22apr14_pr_b_639x426 LC-1-house-22apr14_pr_b_639x426
1-Ava_404-86-house-6oct14_pr_b_639x426 1-Ava_404-86-house-6oct14_pr_b_639x426