In July, a collection of nine artworks by artists including Picasso, Lucio Fontana and Leif Eriksson were sent into Barnebys from a private collector in Sweden. After just two months, six of these were consigned to Auctionata and will feature in their Editions sale and one will feature in their Post-War & Contemporary Art. Both sales will be held on the 29th of this month at their Berlin saleroom (auction estimates are featured in Euros).

With a variety of mediums from prints to a can of soup, all the artworks date from 1967 – 1978, apart from one of the sculptures, which dates from 2000. Even a small collection like this can give you a sense of the style and personality of a collector.

The two sculptures couldn’t be more different. One is a figure cast in candle wax and the other is an abstract form made from a solid igneous rock found only in Sweden. The wax sculpture entitled “Candle Ghost” is by the American artist, David Finn (b. 1952) from around 2000 and has an auction estimate of €200-€400.

Finn gained notoriety with his Newspaper Children and collaged Masked Figures were part of the 1980s art scene in New York. After a decade exploring the body through art he produced for public spaces, he currently lectures at Wake Forest University in North Carolina and continues to work with a variety of sculpturally related mediums.

The other sculpture is by Japanese artist Takashi Naraha (b.1930) and is the only piece to be featured in the Post-War & Contemporary Art sale.

In 1973, Naraha visited Sweden for a symposium and became fascinated with a particular rock quarried there. Last year a much larger artwork, made from the same rock, sold at Bukowski’s for £2,200.  This more modestly sized piece from 1978 has a value of €1,000-€2,000.

There are two Spanish artists included in the collection - Pablo Picasso and Antoni Tapies – and both artworks from them date from 1968.After discovering two ceramics, we now have a fantastic etching from Picasso entitled “Jeune Homme Faisant”. Unsurprisingly, it has the highest estimate of all seven consignments at €9,000-€18,000.

After discovering two ceramics via the valuation service, we now have a fantastic etching from Picasso entitled “Jeune Homme Faisant”. Unsurprisingly, it has the highest estimate of all seven consignments at €9,000-€18,000.

Antoni Tapies (1923 – 2012) was a painter, sculptor and art theorist who founded the art group Dau al Set which had connections with the Surrealist and Dada art groups. His lithograph below has an estimate of €1,200-€2,400:

A late work by Lucio Fontana shows a Poster for the exhibition ‘Idéer om rymden’ at the Moderna Museet, Stockholm, from August, 6 to October 1, 1967. With a perforated surface, typical of Fontana, it is estimated at €500 - €1,000.

Lastly, there is a Campbell’s soup can from Swedish artist, Leif Eriksson (b.1939) and some rather special wrapping paper from husband and wife artist team, Jeanne-Claude & Christo, who spent much of the 20th-century wrappings of numerous public buildings and sites.

This 3D can, dated from 1976, and is an obvious comment and continuation of a theme started by Andy Warhol’s groundbreaking 1962 prints. It is valued at €300-€600:

This serigraph shows a Christo wrapping project and fabric sample of the polyethylene foil used to cover their chosen subjects. This dates from 1969 and is estimated at €900-€1,800.

All these consignments bring a combined estimate of €13,100 - €26,200.

Details for the two sales and how to bid can be found below:

Post-War and Contemporary Art sale, 29th Sept 7pm CET

Editions sale, 29th Sept 4pm CET

We will bring you an update with the sales results after the auction and if you'd like to put your collection to the hammer, try the Valuation Service today!