You have to be openminded

Thought you wanted a piece of photography? But maybe a cut-out might be just what is needed above the fireplace. That is the beauty of of the art market: what you find, and even more so what you like, might just surprise you.

First impressions really do count

So trust them. Trust your gut instinct, your initial reaction to a piece is a powerful one. If you find a work that speaks to you, then you've found something special.

Do your homework

Discovering about an artist's life is likely to make you see there art in a different light. It can also strengthen and deepen the connection you have with an artist, making you more drawn to their work.

Be inspired

Art should make you think and feel something every time you look at it. Ariel Saldivar explains how she is inspired by the works of Berlin-based street artist Bronco, who creates text-based work that features sayings like, "The Mess Age," and "Will Work for Love." ''I'm drawn to it because although the messages are simple, they make me think,'' explains Saldivar.

Don't be afraid, be bold

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Art has the power to transform a room, so don't be afraid to make a statement. Colour, subject, style: a work of art can serve as a focal point and conversation piece or create a particular mood.

Stay with me

Although part of the fun of collecting art is renewing your collection, when you buy a piece you should purchase it with the intention that it is going to be yours forever. So pick something that you are happy to look at everyday.

And if you still can't make your mind up...

Choose any framed piece of work at Twyla and they will send it to your home for just $30 - covering shipping, insurance and professional installation in some areas. Live with your art for 30 days. If you love it, it's simple...keep it and purchase it at the remaining cost. If the art is not for you, no sweat. Tell Twyla before the 30 days are up and you can send back the piece for free.

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