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Left: Candelabra , gilt and brown patinated bronze, signed CLODION, France 19th century

Right: Cabinet with inlaid, gilded bronze decor and painted scenes, signed V.P. SORMANI FILS, Paris

During the 18th century throughout Europe, an increasing importance was being placed on  the refinement of social etiquettes. This was not limited to the upper classes, nobility and monarchy - the aspiring bourgeoisie were creating a class of their own. Particularly in France, good taste was the key to bettering ones social class. By the 17th century, the royal court had already moved from Paris to the nearby Versailles. This lead to two worlds developing in parallel to each other. Versailles became an archaic, secluded world of kingship whilst the spirit of enlightenment permeated the streets of Paris, where philosophers, artists, politicians and nobility alike would dine and debate together.

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Pair of corner cabinets, green lacquered wood with Chinese decor, Piedmont 18th century

Four mirrors, gilded wood and iron

Pair of Imari porcelain vases with gilded bronze mounts, Japan early 19th century

Views of the coast of Naples, gouache, 19th century

Antique Kirman carpet, 456 x 339 cm

Delicate decors and bright colours replaced the pomp of the baroque period. Influences from the Far East were brought into the home, interiors of the 18th century now had a touch of exoticism. At the end of the century, Greek and Roman antiquity was gained popularity once again. The discovery of the city of Pompeii, devastated by Vesuvius in 79 AD, was no doubt a reason for this surge in popularity.

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Left: Commode, attributed to ANDRÉ LOUIS GILBERT, 1774

Middle: Pair of chest of drawers, rosewood with marquetry, Lombardy, 18th century

Right: Lacquer chest of drawers with Chinese gold decor, Piedmont 18th century

The 19th century was characterized by rapid industrial as well as political changes. Interiors during this time played homaged to classical design,  mixing the styles of the past. The Fin de Siècle paved way for a new style: Art Nouveau.

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