Between 16th-22nd June, more than 1 700 items will be auctioned off att HVMC. Patek, Lalaounis, Hermès, Fabergé, Lalanne and Botero are just some of the names that will make make this auction noteworthy.


One of them is this men’s wristwatch from Ulysse Nardin called ‘El Toro’ with an estimate between 13 000 and 15 000 euros.

If diamonds really are girl’s best friend, this Cartier watch will be even better. The Cartier was part of a very limited production and is set with princess cut diamonds and has a estimate between 50 000 - 60 000 euros.

Here at Barnebys, we have special weakness for Patek Philippe, and HVMC does not disappoint. This cloissoné enamel timepiece was created in Geneva in the 1950s and is decorated in a marine theme, with water, sailboats, birds and blue skies. This unique model has a starting price att 60 000 euros.

Important Jewellery

We were especially mesmerized by this magnificent cocktail ring by Marchak Paris, estimated between 20 000-30 000 euros. The ring, with its diamonds, emeralds and intertwined threads of gold, was created in the 1950s - a real treasure.

Russian art

Just look at these impressive imperial snuff boxes. The boxes used to belong to tsar Nicholas II and has an estimate between 40 000-80 000. On the top you can see the monogram tsar ‘H II’ written in cyrillic script, as well as a the  imperial crown diamonds. You can also find the goldsmith’s initials and the year they were created, the first between 1896-1908 and the second between 1908-1917.

One of the highlights among the Russian artworks is ‘Vue du bord Dniepr’, an oil on canvas by artist David Davidovich Borliouk. The beautiful landscape painting is estimated by HVMC’s experts between 180 000 and 200 000 euros.

Luxurious leather goods

Something that are almost always available at Barnebys is Hermès’ popular silk carrés. The sale at HVMC will include about 20 scarfs in different colours and patterns. And the prices are as appealing as the scarfs, some beginning at 60 euros.

Another lot worth mentioning in this part of the HVMC auction week is as iconic as the silk scarf - the Hermès Kelly bag in black crocodile with gold details. The bag, which was created in 1984 and is quite rare, has an estimate between 15 000-20 000 euros.

Modern Art, Sculpture, Design and Photography

Sunday, 22 July, marks the end of this auction marathon with a sale dedicated to modern and contemporary art, design and photography. Just selecting a couple of highlights from this section is hard - but we will try!

We are really excited by the assortment of ceramics created by Pablo Picasso between the years 1952 and 1956.

Another sale, another high season that HVMC ends with style. Here you will find the entire catalogue. What a finale!

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