Art objects from Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, Near & Middle East, Far East, Oceania and pre-Columbian arts will be up for auction. We've selected three pieces which are sure to get eager collectors bidding.


This Egyptian statue is a representation of the god Thôt marching. It is composed of a blue-green enamel faience and dates from the Saïte Period (period from 664 to 525.)

In Ancient Egypt, God Thôt was represented in two ways: a man with an ibis head or a baboon head. Endowed with great intelligence, Thôt was considered the god of science, writing, art and of wisdom.


Draped in a white dress, this marble statue in marble dates to Ancient Greece of the II - Ist. Av. J.-C.


This Greco-Buddhist sculpture of Gandhara dates from the 2nd-4th century period and has been incredibly preserved. Representing a classical scene of Mahaparinirvana, the Buddha God is lying on a bed and surrounded by his disciples.

The public exhibitions will take place in at HVMC's Monaco saleroom from 3rd to 10th March. Check out the full catalogue on Barnebys here.