Under the supervision of Francesco Morena, head of the Asian and Tribal art department, 72 lots will be presented to a British audience. Out of those, 57 previously belonged to the collection of a Dutch family relocated in Indonesia.

One of the piece that will most certainly excite collectors of Chinese antiques is a red – sang de bœuf – plate from the second half of the 18th century, estimated £2,500. Marked by the seal of Emperor Qianlong’s kingdom, this magnificent piece reveal the use of copper in the production of exceptional porcelain.

If you’re more into Indonesian art, make sure to check this large painting by female Indonesian modern artist Hendra Gunawan. Born in 1918 in Bandung, she is was one of the most famous painter of her country. She notably founded the Lima serangkai (the Five couples). This Woman with basket of fruits starts at £55,000.

The rest of the collection from this fine Dutch family will be offered on sale in May in Rome. If you’re an Asian art enthusiast this will be your second chance. There won’t be a third!

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