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Since 2015, Art! Vancouver has been bringing galleries and artists from around the world to British Columbia. This year, more than 100 of them will fill Vancouver Convention Centre East, from Friday April 20 through Sunday April 22. Tickets are just $15 in advance for a one-day pass ($20 at the door), $40 for a three-day pass, and children 12 and under are free.

Work by Charles Gitnick. Work by Charles Gitnick.

Charles Gitnick

Among those attending this year’s fair is Charles Gitnick, a 15-year-old artist from Los Angeles who paints on canvas, his tennis shoes, and, in the piece shown above, toy guns. It’s a timely commentary in an age of #enough, fittingly coming from a young artist.

Work by Sherillyn Bain. Work by Sherillyn Bain.

Sherillyn Bain

Closer to Vancouver is Sherillyn Bain, who’s been living in the Okanagan region of Washington State since 1995. In this painting, Bain brings a sense of magical realism to what might have been an ordinary depiction of a country road.

Work by Adam Gibbs. Work by Adam Gibbs.

Adam Gibbs

Slightly more traditional is this photograph titled “Temperate Breeze” by Adam Gibbs. The hyperreal image was shot at Fairy Lake in Port Renfrew on Vancouver Island.

Work by Aryan Janghu. Work by Aryan Janghu.

Aryan Janghu

Of the sculptors who will be attending Art! Vancouver, the work of Aryan Janghu stands out. This piece, like much of the artist’s work, was custom-fabricated in Gurgaon, India.

Work by Philip Brake. Work by Philip Brake.

Philip Brake

Manitoba painter Philip Brake, whose “Deep Cove” is shown above, paints with dye on raw silk before steaming the rolled-up fabric to set the pigments. A Manitoba artist mining Asian art traditions? That sounds like Art! Vancouver.

Work by Kathy van Gogh. Work by Kathy van Gogh.

Kathy van Gogh

But perhaps the best thing about Art! Vancouver is that it encourages its visitors to become participants in the process of making art, as well as helping then to be informed observers. Three workshops on Saturday and Sunday will show anyone with the desire to know how to blend colors using acrylics, paint a specific subject (a heron), and work with free-flowing alcohol inks. Kathy van Gogh teaches the first and last classes, while Petra Giffard will show people how to paint the heron. Costs for the classes range from $30 to $45, all art supplies included.

Art! Vancouver takes place April 19th - 22th 2018. Read more here!