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blog.php-432 Koen Lybaert, Giverny 028 [Abstract N° 1567]
Contemporary painter Koen Lybaert, born 1965 in Wilrijk, Belgium, is most recognised for his abstract and landscape oil paintings. His technique consists of carefully layering colours on canvas in order to create a dense, subtle and slowly deepening mixture of overlapping colors and shapes. Inspired by woods, lakes, mountains, sea and desolate landscapes he creates abstract representations of nature.

His contemporary landscape oil paintings are based on his own photographs taken during walks or travels. These photographs also form the basis of a series of overpainted photographs.

blog.php-433 Tim Hallinan, Untitled No. 43

Tim Hallinan's geometric colours are influenced by architecture and the urban environment. He describes his process as: ''Rather than simply start over on a new canvas or board as the idea develops, I will scrape away old and add new layers of paint on top of prior compositions. I continue with this process until the painting I have been aiming for appears on the surface. The act of scraping away and adding layers will sometimes take my idea in a completely new direction resulting in a painting which only vaguely resembles my original intention. These layers represent my thought process, reveal past versions of the work and ultimately make up the final composition.''

blog.php-434 Stephanie Vovas, Gillian at the Door, Limited Edition Print, 4 of 10

Massachusetts born Stephanie Vovas is a fine art and editorial photographer based in Los Angeles, California. She is obsessed with the culture and style of the 1970's, and with themes of transformation, glamour, and uncertainty that are apparent in her work. Vovas has won numerous awards including American Photography 29, 31, Prix de la Photographie Paris, the International Photography Awards, and PDN’s Faces. Her work has been published in Creative Block by The Jealous Curator, Playboy and others.

blog.php-435 Ieva Baklane, "Rio house"

Born in 1974 in Riga, Latvia, artist Ieva Baklane exhibited in her native Riga as well as Berlin, Prague and Rome before immigrating to Canada in 2002. The artist works in both abstract and realism. The abstract qualities of her work derive from what Baklane describes as the fact that she ''always wanted to be an architect, but never pursued this dream.''

Her classical art education influences the realism aspect of her work. Short summers in her homeland Latvia have lead her to seek inspiration from Italy, Spain, Mexico, California and Florida for her richly saturated Hockney-esque works.

blog.php-436 Dean West, SK3 - Limited Edition # 6 of 25

Australian born Dean West, who now lives and works in New York City, is best known for his intricate and highly staged photographs that take everyday occurrences beyond the realm of natural reality.

Extraordinary in their tonal range, digital clarity, and artistic vision, West’s meticulously choreographed scenes, character studies, and atmospheric landscapes are powerful examples of why this talented photographer has been garnering so much attention.

His works have been exhibited at important institutions around the world including the Columbus Museum of Art (2012), Faneuli Hall Museum of Boston (2015), the Paris Expo Porte De Versailles (2015), Puls 5 Gallery in Zürich, and the Discovery Times Square Museum in New York City (2014). In 2008, West was recognized as one of Saatchi & Saatchi’s ''Top 100 Emerging Photographers’'. West's works are in some of the most prestigious collections of contemporary art today, including that of Sir Elton John.

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