Curater, the innovative service, will be set up through subscription fee and custom-made LED panel will be used, 500 will be distributed for the launch, with 50 being given to first-time users for free. These panels vary in size from 17 inches to over 60 inches.

Acne Curater founders Victor Press and Johan Holmgren
Photo: Courtesy Acne and Curate

The subscription includes a monthly fee which allows users to have a set of artworks in the home on rotation displayed through the LED panel. Six to eight exhibitions will be shown throughout the year, which will be curated by a group of international curators. Users can select pieces to show on the panel via their iPhone.

The range of works to be included have not been created with this digital display in mind, but Curater have confident that their technology will please art collectors.

Johan Holmgren, Acne's head of Research & Development, said the platform "is the answer to the rapid art digitalization that happens today around the world. To be able to consume art on a digital platform we had to create a new type of product that let people enjoy the true experience of an art piece. Something no computer or smartphone can accomplish today."

For now, Curater is offered on an invitation-only basis, Acne CEO Victor Press and Curater co-founder said that interest in the first production "has been overwhelming."