Artist Wang Renzheung, also known as Brother Nut, has created a project for which he trailed the streets of Beijing for over 100 days with an industrial-strength vacuum to collect pollution micro-particles.

Image via Dust Project Image via Dust Project

The result was incredibly devastating, Renzheung had collected enough matter to create a brick. "Dust Project" highlights the severity of the pollution by creating tangible proof of the amount of pollution in Beijing's air.

Image via Dust Project Image via Dust Project

Brother Nut said to the New York Times: "Dust represents the side effects of humankind's development, including smog and building-site dust.''

''When I first arrived in Beijing, I wore a hygienic mask for a few days, but later I stopped. In smog like this, there's no escaping."

The artist-activist's aim is to raise awareness of this increasing problem in time for the United Nations Climate Conference which is currently taking place in Paris.