You might remember Sparrow's previous felt creations which include a corner shop with the contents made of felt, for her next installation, the artist has taken inspiration from Soho's dying kinky reputation and Britain's 'Victorian' attitude towards sex.

image Image via Lucy Sparrow

Once a hub of steamy entertainment, Soho is fast losing its title. Former lap dancer Sparrow's, who had a career in the adult entertainment industry in order to fund her art, installation Madame Roxy's Erotic Emporium hits out at what is claimed on her website as the 'growing influence of the neo-Puritans and prudery.'

image-2 Image via Lucy Sparrow

image-3 Image via Lucy Sparrow

The work includes over 5 000 hand-stitched pieces of sex paraphernalia, including, condoms, porn magazines and DVDs as well as bondage gear and other fetish toys. These felt creations seek to raise the question, under Britain's new porn law, does a porn magazine created from felt break the law?

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 15.29.53 Image via Lucy Sparrow

Madame Roxy's Erotic Emporium is at Scissorhand Barbershop, 2 Green's Court, Soho, W1F 0HB. 7th-17th October.