Leading Contemporary artists are sharing their ''shelfies;'' photographs of themselves in front of their beloved book shelves and cases.

The Whitechapel Gallery has asked artists who have previously exhibited there to share the literature that has influenced their work. The gallery will be hosting the London Art Book Fair this weekend.

Iwona Blazwick, director of the Whitechapel Gallery said: "Artists often turn to books, either as inspiration or as sources of research."

"The works on their shelves often contain the kernels of their artistic ideas. Artists also have a tendency to have very particular (and often peculiar) tastes and collections. A glimpse into these is always tantalizing."

"We asked artists to do what everyone in the world is doing—take a selfie."

"It's a strange combination of the instantaneity of the screen, and the slow time of the book. I think books—and art—ask their audience to slow down and spend time with them. This slowness is refreshing."

The Whitechapel London Art Book fair launched in 2009, 100 exhibitors attend from around the globe to showcase artists' books, art catalogues, zines, and rare publications. Check out the artists' shelfies below.

Damien-Hirst Damien Hirst

Tracey-Emin Tracey Emin

Paul-Noble Paul Noble

David-Bachelor David Bachelor

Artist-Miroslaw-Balka Miroslaw Balka

Thomas-Hirschhorn Thomas Hirschhorn

Tony-Cragg Tony Cragg

Liam-Gillick Liam Gillick

Antony-Gormley Antony Gormley