blog (23) NOUS SOMMES AVEC PARIS... a tagline used by the artist Spencer Tunick after the horrible terrorist attacks in Paris on November 14 2015.

The naturist movement in France is enormous. And convincing in both ideas and actions. On May 5th, one of Paris most notable art museums, Palais de Tokyo will only welcome visitors stripped to their bare skin.

The Paris Naturist Association has once again granted a private show for its members before the public is invited to see the exhibition at the museum.

blog (24) Photo: Loïc Venance, AFP

You can count on headlines as the naked Parisians will march into the building pictured above with its view over the Seine and the Eiffel tower. The building hosting Palais de Tokyo is situated on the 13 Avenue du Président-Wilson and was built in 1937 for the Exposition Internationale des Arts et Techniques dans la Vie Moderne (International Exposition of Art and Technology in Modern Life.) Today the museum is one of the most notable museums within the modern and contemporary art scene.

Photo: Spencer Tunick Photo: Spencer Tunick

Modern Art and Nudity

Nudity has always been a great interest of man. Someone who used naked people in his art in a fairly new and creative manner is Spencer Tunick gathering a mass of people in specific environment where they are exposed as a big group shaping a greater organism lined up side by side in streets, town squares, buildings as well as lakes.


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