Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's magical masterpieces dominates Artcurial's Books and Manuscripts sale on 14th. Two watercolours that were used to illustrated the original edition of Le Petit Prince that have comes from the estate of Antoine's wife, Conseulo, will be going under the hammer at Artcurial.

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Antoine created these enchanting watercolours in the summer of 1942 in New York before Conseulo brought them to France in 1946. The first of the watercolours, which is estimated at £96 000-122 155 (€110 000-140 000) was created for chapter VI. It depicts the Little Prince sitting on a chair, with a glowing sun in the background and surrounded by flowers and rushes.

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The second watercolour, which has been estimated to fetch £80 300-96 000 (€92 000-110 000) was intended for chapter XX. The passage marks a turning point in the children's story, as the Little Prince declares: ''I thought I was rich with a unique flower and I only have an ordinary rose...does not make of me a great prince,'' she he discovers a garden of roses similar to his own, shattering his hopes for being special.

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A set of 11 original captioned drawings from the estate of Silvia Hamilton, Antoine's girlfriend he met in New York, are also part of the sale at Artcurial. Hamilton kept the collection until 1972, when she brought them over to France. In 1968 until 1972, they had been part of the Morgan Library collection. They are the only set of predatory drawings to still have been in a private collection, until now. What is so wonderful about these early drawings is that the clothing, gestures and landscapes that would go on to be the illustrations for the original copy of Le Petit Prince, can all be seen in this set of works.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry's tale has been translated in 270 languages; with more than 1 300 editions created and an estimated 145 million readers worldwide.

From Little Prince's to adventurers, Artcurial's Books and Manuscripts sale this month will also featured 100 pieces of writing by Henry de Monfreid, one of the greatest adventurers of modern times. The works have a combined estimate of £174 500 (€200 000.) Check out the full catalogue here.