mast2 David Batchelor, Green Pimp, 2006

''Neon: The Charged Line'' features the work of more than 20 artists, from works by early neon light tube pioneer François Morellet, to 1960s artist Bertrand Lavier.

Cerith Wyn Evans Meanwhile across town 2001 (high res)small Cerith Wyn Evans, Meanwhile ... across town

Once a symbol of capitalism, with cityscapes of the 1930s adorned with neon advertising, during the 1960s the lighting style became synonymous with the seediness of Soho's sex shop, now, the Grundy Gallery has transformed eight room of their Edwardian building to explore the history of neon lighting in art.

Soho's infamous peep shows Soho's infamous peep shows

Tracey Emin I know I know I know 2002 (high res)small Tracey Emin, I know I know I know, 2002

Modern and contemporary artists in the exhibition include Tracey Emin, Bertrand Lavier, Martin CreedGavin Turk and Eddie Peake.

''Neon: The Charged Line'' will run until 7th January, 2017. See here for more information.