The vitrine is a contemporary interpretation of the Victorian wunderkammer and is entitled Signification (Hope, Immortality and Death in Paris, Now and Then.

Included in the dark work is a pair of foxes in a tussle, coral tangled with weapons and cleaning products including Domestos bleach.

hirst Signification (Hope, Immortality and Death in Paris, Now and Then.

Hirst comments on theory that '' we can achieve immortality through cleanliness, that we can somehow make the bad things in the world go away, which of course we can't."

Hirst's pieces was commissioned by online auction house Paddle8 as part of the Signification series in collaboration with Deyrolle which will begin on 14th October.

The proceeds will benefit Hirst's charity as well as Deyrolle's natural science education and conservation program.

Owner of Deyrolle Prince Louis-Albert de Broglie, an investment-banker-turned-farmer descended from French nobility, is heading the project. He saved Deyrolle from financial difficulties in 2001 and ensured they were restored after the fire of 2008.

Hirst&Deyrolle Hirst & Prince Louis-Albert de Broglie

He says of Deyrolle it is: "a temple of observation that brings natural science to the status of art." 

 The iconic institution Deyrolle was founded in 1831, and influenced artists long before Hirst as it inspired Salvador Dalí's Surrealist Cookbook.

He said of Hirst : "Damien understands 'second life'—what I call life after death and he also understands that mankind has a strange relationship with nature."