From chocolate to tins of sardines, every single item in the shop has been hand stitched from felt. The Cornershop is an installation by artist Lucy Sparrow which took the artist seven months and around 300 sq meters of felt to create. The shop has an incredible 4000 items.


"Felt is a fabric that is synonymous with primary school."

"It often comes in very basic, bright colours and with a material like that you can approach subjects that might be more taboo and make them palatable and funny."





As well as being a comical piece, Sparrow explains how corner shops are ''a slice of life'' and her work encourages viewers to look closer at the everyday.

"It's really made me realise what colours are used where. For example, blue isn't a very popular colour for sweets wrappers, but yellow is used loads. I've had to buy so much yellow felt."




All of the felt pieces are for sale on Sparrow's website.

"Obviously it would be nice to sell it all on opening night, but I have this fear of having to make it all again," she says. "I don't think I can go though that. It might actually break me."




Sparrow has received £1,000 of sponsorship money from Swizzels sweets and the work was also funded by a Kickstarter campaign, which raised £10,500, and £8,000 of Arts Council funding.

"Not including my labour, the whole project must have cost around the £14-15,000," she says.

She believes the success of raising the Kickstarter funding came from the fact the project appeals to the inner child.




"I think people thought, 'you know what, I want to see a corner shop made out of felt. I want to see that ridiculous idea'."

Sparrow's influences include the Chapman brothers and Grayson Perry, who she admires for his juxtaposition of childlike style and highly skilled craftsmanship.