Works by street artist Invader, which can be instantly recognised by their mosaic tiles and shapes replicating the iconic design of the late 1970's computer game Space Invader, have popped up in cities from London to New York and Hong Kong. In the artist's native home of France, some 15 of his works in the French capital have been removed from buildings this month.

An example of Invader's street art in Paris An example of Invader's street art in Paris

Angry members of the public have taken to social media to share images of the alleged thieves, using ladders to reach the artworks in order to remove them. The images show two men wearing yellow jackets and claiming to be employed by the City of Paris driving away with the Invader works in a Mercedes.
Local authorities have dispelled claims that the men work for the city. The case of saving Invader's artwork and restoring it to its 'rightful' home will be a trick one - as technically- the works were illegally installed in the first place.

The artist told the French Newspaper Libération: ''I consider that by removing pieces that have been on the buildings for 10 or 12 years, therefore accepted by the owners, that they are stealing them.''

Works by the elusive street artist in recent years have gained worldwide attention. In 2014, a red and white ceramic tile piece sold at Christie's Hong Kong for around £284 000. Check out more realised prices for Invader here.