Performance art piece by Danish theatre company Global Stories has been removed from Malmö Festival, Sweden, following claims it is ''racist.'' The project entitled Through Different Eyes, was put together with the idea to tackle racism.

Make-up artists altered the appearance of volunteers to different genders and ethnicity. The piece had been part of a festival in 2013 and was not met with any outrage.


Project leader Morten Nielsen told the Local: "This is a project that celebrates diversity. We work with make-up artists and provide all kinds of transformations: from white to brown, brown to white, man to woman, and woman to man. We are also looking in to transforming from young to old to address the age discrimination."

Over 200 signed the petition against the piece forcing it to be dropped from the festival.

Malmö Festival organizer Pella Ström wrote on the festival's website:

"We apologize if people feel aggrieved and we have taken the criticism seriously."

"This part of the programme took an unexpected turn and we have decided to cancel it."