The collection of candid photographs were taken by Ray Bellisario in 1968, who is considered the first paparazzo. He first began shooting the famous and glamorous when he stumbled upon the Queen walking the streets of Truro, Cornwall.

Although the Royals were not a fan of Bellisario, Bardot was much more delighted with his presence. He told the story of how he once rescued Bardot from a sea of fans.

"I'd just bought a new car. It was a Ford Consul which I'd parked right behind us. So I grabbed her arm and I said, 'Come with me,' and she did! And she said, 'Oh, this is fun, I've been kidnapped!" he recalled.

In the images Bardot can be seen shopping, at pubs and in hotels, all taken in one afternoon whilst the then 34 year-old was visiting London to promote Shalako, in which she starred with Sean Connery.

Gallery director Eleesa Dadiani commented:"Here, we see Bardot depicted less for the glamour, more for an emblem of earthly aesthetics."

Brigitte Bardot: 13 Unseen Photographs, London 1968 is at Dadiani Fine Art in London until 30th June, 2015.