Hans Haacke Gift Horse Image via The Telegraph Hans Haacke Gift Horse
Image via The Telegraph

Wrapped around one of the legs is an electronic ticker displaying London's stock exchange.

Mayor of London Boris Johnson said of the piece it is "a startlingly original comment on the relationship between art and commerce."

"There will be those that say this undeniably unfed, emaciated quadruped is a warning, a memento mori, a symbol of the pursuit of austerity and the George Osborne diet approach to life.''

This is now the tenth work on the London's Fourth Plinth, it is replacing the blue cockerel.

The piece is a comment on the statue of William IV which was never made because of a lack of funding. Haacke's sculpture was inspired by Georges Stubbs' piece The Anatomy of the Horse, 1766, whose works are exhibited in Trafalgar Square's National Gallery. Although Haacke was careful not to reveal too much about the concept behind the piece.

"It is an invitation to make connections."

"But I would not like to give directions. I'm sure there will be a diversity of responses. That is not only true for this but any kind of art." Haacke told The BBC.

2016's piece will be David Shrigley's Really Good, which features a hand with a elongated thumb.