The piece is on loan from the Henry Moore Foundation for a minimum of 5 years. Inspired by a pebble the artist found in a field, it is made of casted clay. The location of the work reflects Moore's travels between Yorkshire and Hertfordshire, counties which can be travelled to from King's Cross.



Security for the sculpture will be high as bronze thefts are on the rise. In 2005, the Henry Moore Foundation in Perry Green was raided by thieves who left with Reclining Figure, which stands in at an impressive 3.6 metres long and weighs 2.1 ton.

Two men were put in custody for 12 months after stealing a Henry Moore sundial. They sold the £500,000 piece for £46.

Tower Hamlets Council caused a stir when it announced plans to sell Draped Seated Woman, also named Old Flo. The decision has yet to be made.