blog.php-40 Jon Eastman, Moondrian, New York, 2000

blog.php-34 Annabel Church-Smith, Klimt, Manchester, 2004

blog.php-35 Leslie Zaide Zaidenweber, Muuu Traviesa, México, 2006

The idea for was first conceived in 1998, in Zürich by Walter Knapp. Swiss-born sculptor Pascal Knapp created the now iconic standing, grazing and lying cow shapes. In 1999, Jerry Elbaum, the founder of CowParade, staged the first event in Chicago. The following year, the largest CowParade event was held in New York, where 450 cows were seen by more than 45 million people. To date, the event has taken place in over 75 cities around the globe.

blog.php-33 Martine Diotelevi, Lait Triporteur, Paris, 2006

blog.php-39 Robin Teas, Owie Cowie, North Carolina, 2012

blog.php-42 Fernando Quines, Vaca Suiza, Porto Alegre, 2010

For the CowParade events, locals artists, both establised and otherwise, create designs on fibreglass cows, which are then installed in city centres and central points of interest such as parks and train stations. After they have been exhibited, the cows first hit the market in an auction with proceeds going to benefit various charities.

blog.php-43 Donna Lance, French Moodle, Estados Unidos, 2003

blog.php-41 Lenny Niemeier, Call Me Now, Rio de Janeiro, 2007

blog.php-38 Wendy Binks, We Did Not Do It, Margret River, 2010

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